What happened to Skye on General Hospital?

What happened to Skye on General Hospital?

While Edward was in a coma after suffering a stroke at Skye’s engagement party, Ned found a copy of the contract and forced Skye to tell Jax the truth. Jax dumped Skye and she went on a drinking binge. She woke up in Edward’s room and saw the plug on his respirator had been pulled.

How is Skye Chandler a Quartermaine?

She is the biological daughter of Rae Cummings, the adoptive daughter of the late, Dr. Alan Quartermaine and the illegal adoptive daughter of the late, Adam Chandler and Althea Patterson.

Who is Skye Chandler’s father?

Alan Quartermaine
Adam ChandlerLorenzo Alcazar
Skye Chandler/Father

Where is Robin Christopher now?

Married to Matt since 2000, Robin enjoys cooking, reading, painting and yoga. She and her husband, live in Los Angeles with their son, August.

Who played Robin Quartermaine?

Kimberly McCullough
Robin Scorpio is a fictional character from the ABC Daytime soap opera General Hospital and its primetime SOAPnet spin-off General Hospital: Night Shift, originated and portrayed by Kimberly McCullough on and off for over 30 years since 1985.

Who plays Skye Chandler?

Robin ChristopherSkye Chandler / Played by

Who is Robin Christopher married to?

Matt CraneRobin Christopher / Spouse (m. 2000)

Who plays Skye One Life to Live?

She is known for her role as Skye Chandler Quartermaine on the ABC soap operas All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital. Revere, Massachusetts, U.S….Filmography.

Film and Television Year 1999–2001
Title One Life to Live
Role Skye Chandler
Notes Role from: August 1999 to April 2001

Is Robin coming back to GH?

Soap Opera Digest has confirmed that Kimberly McCullough (Robin, “General Hospital”) will return this fall. “GH” Executive Producer Frank Valentini said that the actress has inked a contract.

Is Robin pregnant from General Hospital?

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 24 (UPI) — General Hospital icon Kimberly McCullough has revealed on her personal blog that she is pregnant. McCullough, who has been playing the soap’s beloved character Robin Scorpio off and on since 1985, suffered a miscarriage, losing a daughter at 22 weeks, in late 2015.

Who played Lorna on All My Children?

Robin Christopher’s daytime career began in 1987 when she joined All My Children as Skye, a role she played on three ABC soaps. In 1994, Christopher joined Another World as Lorna Devon which she played until 1997.

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