What happened to Sinai Hospital in Detroit?

What happened to Sinai Hospital in Detroit?

When Sinai was sold to the Detroit Medical Center in 1997, the Education Corporation disassociated itself from the hospital and became an independent corporation. In 2000 the Education Corporation became the Sinai Medical Staff Foundation.

When did Sinai Hospital in Detroit close?

Sinai Hospital was acquired by the Detroit Medical Center, DMC, in 1997. The Sinai papers were donated to the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit when the facility closed in 1999.

Is Sinai-Grace part of DMC?

Between 2012 and 2016, DMC invested $77 million in Sinai-Grace over three phases of construction, making it the largest construction project in Northwest Detroit in over 10 years.

Is Detroit Receiving Hospital a Level 1 trauma center?

A leader in emergency medicine and trauma care, DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital is a verified Level I Trauma Center which means we provide total care for every aspect of injury – from prevention through rehabilitation.

What happened to Mt Carmel Hospital Detroit?

Mount Carmel Mercy Hospital opened in 1939 to serve NW Detroit. It merged in 1991 with Grace Hospital, then consolidated with Sinai Hospital, becoming Grace-Sinai, now part of the DMC system.

Where was the original Sinai Hospital in Detroit?

Northwest Detroit
Sinai Hospital was a major achievement for Detroit’s Jewish community. And, I emphasize the “community.” The hospital opened its doors on Jan. 4, 1953, on Outer Drive in Northwest Detroit. At this time, the area was in the midst of the city’s Jewish neighborhoods.

When did grace Sinai merge?

In 1999, Sinai Hospital and Grace Hospital merged to form Sinai-Grace Hospital, which made a home for itself in the former Mount Carmel Hospital Building on West Outer Drive and Schaefer Highway.

Is Detroit Medical Center a teaching hospital?

The medical center has more than 2,000 licensed beds, 3000 affiliated physicians and serves as the teaching and clinical research site for Wayne State University, the nation’s third-largest medical school.

Is McLaren Macomb a trauma center?

McLaren Macomb is Macomb County’s first verified trauma center. We are also the only hospital in Macomb County to have trauma surgeons at the hospital every day, all day.

How many hospitals are in Detroit?

28 Hospitals in Detroit, MI | Vitals.com.

How many beds does Sinai Grace have?

334Sinai-Grace Hospital / Number of beds

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