What happened to Nicole on Rehab Addict?

What happened to Nicole on Rehab Addict?

The eight hour-long episodes mark Curtis’s return to TV after a significant hiatus following the end of Rehab Addict 1.0 in the fall of 2018. “I was completely burned out,” Curtis admits of her decision to step away. “There was so much time in those ten years where I didn’t get to enjoy it at all. I was stressed out.”

What happened to Nicole on HGTV?

A court has ruled that HGTV Rehab Addict Rescue star Nicole Curtis is the proper owner of a house whose title has been in dispute. Wayne County Judge Tim Kenny ruled in Curtis’ favor on Thursday.

Is Nicole Curtis still renovating houses?

“And when we left, I had a punch list for people to keep working on.” The new series comes a decade after Curtis first made her TV debut on her hit show, “Rehab Addict.” Since then, she’s has restored houses all over Detroit, a few in the suburbs and several in Minneapolis where she used to live.

How many houses does Nicole Curtis own?

six houses
Curtis, who has acquired and restored about six houses in Detroit, said she invests her own money into the projects. “For myself, my own projects, we keep all of the houses we restore because there’s no value in them when we finish. I don’t get my money back,” Curtis said. “They are like my little museums.”

Who is Nicole Curtis married to?

Steve LaneNicole Curtis / Spouse (m.?–2009)

Did Rehab Addict have a baby?

Nicole Curtis battled for custody of her son Harper. Nicole had her son Harper in 2015 and, in 2018, came to a custody agreement with her ex, Shane Maguire. After a years-long legal battle, the two agreed to share joint custody, according to The Blast.

Who owns the Ransom Gillis house in Detroit?

The new owners, Mary and Charles Stinchfield, were a lumbering family and lived in the home for eight years before selling to Alanson and Cornelia Fox, also wealthy lumber barons.

Does anyone live in the Ransom Gillis house?

Ransom Gillis only lived in the home with his family for 2 years, but it has retained his name for almost 140 years.


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