What happen if you do not select forward rejected rows in update strategy?

What happen if you do not select forward rejected rows in update strategy?

If you do not select the forward reject rows option, the integration service drops rejected rows and writes them to the session log file. If you enable row error handling, the Integration Service writes the rejected rows and the dropped rows to the row error logs.

How do I get rejected rows in Informatica?

You can find the rejected rows in the session log. Also all rejected records will be available in the bad file. It is generally a good practice to capture all the known/ possible rejections by applying rules and writing them onto a file or table.

Why are rows rejected in Informatica?

1- Not null constraints are not defined for any column and columns are distributed on random. 2-No primary key is defined at informatica level or at the database level. 3- to reject null records from session properties is also not checked.

How update strategy is active transformation?

The Update Strategy Transformation in Informatica is an Active and Connected transformation. It is useful to update, insert, or delete the records in a target based on source table data. And the beauty of this transformation is: you can restrict the records from not reaching into the target table.

What is normalizer transformation in Informatica?

The Normalizer transformation is an active transformation that transforms one incoming row into multiple output rows. When the Normalizer transformation receives a row that contains multiple-occurring data, it returns a row for each instance of the multiple-occurring data.

What is reject file in Informatica?

During a mapping run, the Data Integration Service creates a reject file for each target instance in the mapping. If the Data Integration Service cannot write a row to the target, then the Data Integration Service writes the rejected row to the reject file.

What is update strategy transformation in Informatica?

Update Strategy Transformation is an active and connected transformation, which is used for Inserting, Updating, Deleting and rejecting the records in the target table. The target table should contain Primary key.

What is writer execution failed error in Informatica?

This is the error due to data base voilations. If you get any error while loading the data into target table, it is showing as writer error. You can see the error in Session Log.

What is bad file in Informatica?

What do we mean by Bad Files in Informatica? Bad Files are often termed as Rejected Files that holds the data for the entire row, which is rejected by the Target while writing. A bad file will contain data that could not load into a target because of constraints or validations employed in the logic.

Where will you set the type of update for an update strategy transformation?

In update strategy transformation, we have to create Lookup transformation, Expression Transformation and Router Transformation.

  1. To create, Go to Transformations menu | click on Create | select the transformation type as LookUp and name it as LKP_RECORD_AVAILABILITY.
  2. Select target SCD1 and click on OK.

Why do we use update strategy?

Update strategy transformation is used to insert, update, and delete records in the target table. It can also reject the records without reaching the target table. When you design a target table, you need to decide what data should be stored in the target.

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