What grade of aluminum is MIC 6?

What grade of aluminum is MIC 6?

Mic 6 Cast Aluminum Plate Fully stress-relieved, Mic6 is a free cutting aluminum alloy with excellent machining characteristics, producing small, uniform chips in a variety of high speed operations. Considered a 7xxx series aluminum grade as Zinc is the main alloying element.

What is MIC 6 made?

Through much trial and error, Alcoa (Arconic) succeeded in creating Mic 6, an aluminum plate whose structure, thickness tolerances, surface condition and stability would have no equal for the next 50 years. Today, Mic 6 cast plate is still the mark in which all aluminum manufacturers hope to follow.

Can you weld Mic 6 aluminum?

Aluminum filler alloys 4043, 4145 and 5356 are all accept- able for use when welding MIC6.

Can you anodize Mic 6?

There is such a wide range of alloying constituents in Mic 6, that it can, at times be hard to anodize, and not very decorative. But.. its these constituents that make the machinists like it, do to its machinability, and its capability to hold flat/parallel tolerances.

Is Mic 6 the same as 6061?

MIC-6 and 6061 are two of the most widely used aluminum alloys. MIC-6 aluminum is designed for dimensional stability, surface finish, and precision machining. 6061 aluminum is often selected for its versatility, weldability, and corrosion resistance.

What is Jig plate?

Tool and Jig plate is a machined product, with flat surfaces and a surface finish equal to 32 micro-inches or better on both sides (top and bottom). It is readily machined with very little distortion. Using proper aluminum machining methods, tolerances in the thousandths can be maintained.

What is aluminum tooling plate?

Aluminum Cast Tool & Jig plate is vertical cast, stress-relieved, machined plate providing sound dimensional stability with minimal or no distortion even after extensive machining operations. Cast Aluminum Plates/ Cast Tool & Jig Plate have a precision machined surface for superior flatness, flat within .

What alloy is aluminum jig plate?

Cast Tool and Jig Plate are commonly known by their trade names: Alca 5, ATP-5, MIC6, and K-100S. Of these brands, Alro stocks the Alca 5, ATP-5 and MIC6. Each of these are produced from a very fine-grain aluminum alloy which is free from internal stresses.

What grade of aluminum is jig plate?

We offer the 3003-F aluminum plate, which is softest version, and a 6061-T651 rolled aluminum tooling plate that is stronger and stiffer….Guide to Cast Tool and Jig Plate.

Specified Plate Thickness, inches Max Deviation from flat, inches
.250 – 4.000 ± .015

What is jig plate aluminum?

What is Mic 6 aluminum?

Mic 6 is the standard in cast tool and jig plate aluminum. Why? Because Arconic guarantees consistent quality and excellent performance. Mic 6 has made its way into a variety of industries like printing, food processing, CNC machining, aerospace, and automotive.

What are the advantages of cast aluminum tooling plate Mic 6®?

Advantages of cast aluminum tooling plate Mic 6® include its light weight, smooth flatness tolerance, good machining qualities, and it is free from tension, contaminants and porosity. Not finding what you are looking for? Connect with our sourcing group at [email protected]

What are the advantages of a Mic 6?

The one advantage to Mic 6…….it’s extremeley stable. When a larger pattern is cut out of a sheet it usually stays relatively flat. Make the same part with a tempered alloy (6061-T6, 2024 T-3, etc.) and expect to see a lot of movement. “The Mic 6 I have seen was cast Al. Blanchard ground, guaranteed to be .001 flat.

What is mic6 cast from?

Wd. MIC6 is cast from a high-strength 7000-series aluminum, then stress relieved to maintain dimensional stability during high-speed machining. Use these discs for CNC routing tables, assembly jigs, vacuum chucks, and other applications where consistent flatness and tight tolerances are critical.

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