What gauge is best for Les Paul?

What gauge is best for Les Paul?

The Ernie Ball 10-46 gauge strings are my absolute favorite for a Les Paul guitar. They are one step up in tension from the strings that come on a Les Paul from the factory. Because the Les Paul has a shorter scale length, these strings that have a higher tension feel better to play, in my opinion.

What are 10 52 strings good for?

People use higher gauge(10-52) so they can drop tune their guitars(Drop C,B,A, etc.) without the strings getting floppy. They end up having about the same tension so there is no real sound difference.

Can I use 9s on a Les Paul?

your fine with using 9’s. you just have to set the guitar up again. 9’s allow you to use lower action. I used 9’s for 20 years and theres no issue with them.

What gauge string did Peter Green?

There is speculation that Green used quite heavy gauge strings – possibly as heavy as . 012. There is also some speculation that he raised his pickup height much higher than other players, which allowed him to play thinner strings, but make them sound like they were heavier.

What string gauge does Gibson use?

Guitar Strings

Tuning Fender Scale (25.5″) Gibson Scale (24 3/4″)
E Standard 10-46 (normal tension) 10-46 (normal tension)
9-42 (loose feel – Les Paul-like) 10-52 (more tension – Strat-like)
Drop D 10-52 (light top heavy bottom) 10-52 (light top heavy bottom)
Eb Standard 10-52 (tigheter feel on low strings) 11-48 (normal tension)

What gauge strings did Randy Rhoads use?

Randy Rhoads’ Guitar Strings: – Randy used GHS Boomers . 010 or . 011 gauge.

What pickups did Gary Moore use in his Les Paul?

In 2000, the Gibson Custom Shop released a Gary Moore Signature Les Paul, which came fitted with Gibson ‘Burstbucker’ Pickups. Moore used these during the early 2000s, but also played with Thomas Holmes pickups and spoke highly of them, as well as of the pickups made by Lindy Fralin.

Did Peter Green use a pick?

Commentators always focus on the fact that Green’s pickups were out of phase. But in fact many of Green’s live performances show him using either the neck or the bridge pickups.

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