What famous people went to Tri Cities High School?

What famous people went to Tri Cities High School?

Notable alumni

  • Andre 3000 (class of 1993) – musician, Outkast.
  • Big Boi (class of 1993) – musician, Outkast.
  • Jamison Brewer (class of 1998) – basketball player, NBA’s Indiana Pacers, New York Knicks.
  • Kandi Burruss (class of 1994) – musician, Xscape, cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

What is East Point known for?

East Point is the second MARTA stop from the airport and sits at the apex of three major interstates. In the heart of its historic downtown, the grassy Commons area serves as the soul of this welcoming community, hosting seasonal festivals, annual events, free concerts, and a weekly farmers market.

How did East Point Ga get its name?

History. The name “East Point” derives from the fact that this is the terminus of the Atlanta & West Point Railroad in the east; West Point, Georgia, is the terminus where the rail line ends in the west.

When was Mcintosh High School built?

1981McIntosh High School / Founded

What rappers went to Tri-Cities High School?

OutKast’s André 3000 and Big Boi met in 1992 at Tri-Cities High School in East Point, Georgia. And thanks to their mutual love for rap, 1970’s funk and hip-hop groups such as De La Soul, they joined forces and released their debut album ‘Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik’ in 1994.

What high school did Lil Baby attend?

Tri-Cities High School
Booker T. Washington High School
Lil Baby/Education

Is Peachtree City in Atlanta?

Peachtree City is an award-winning master planned community located just south of Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1959, the city is home to a diverse population and provides the best in residential areas, commercial areas and community services to its citizens.

What side of Atlanta is East Point?

The city of East Point is southwest of the neighborhoods of Atlanta in Fulton County, Georgia, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 33,712. The city is named for being at the opposite end of the former Atlanta & West Point Railroad from West Point, Georgia.

Is East Point GA a good place to live?

Last month, East Point was listed in Wall Street 24/7 as one of the “50 worst cities to live.” The report cited the crime rate and median home value of $96,000 as some of the factors making the city undesirable.

How old is Peachtree City?

The area that is now Peachtree City was first settled by Woodland Era Indians about 12,000 years ago. In 1775 William McIntosh, Jr, son of a Scotsman and Creek Indian woman, was born.

Who founded Peachtree City?

Joel Cowan

Peachtree City, Georgia
Founded by Joel Cowan
• Mayor Kim Learnard
• City Manager Jonathan Rorie

Is Big Boi single?

Jackson”, “Hey Ya!” (performed solely by 3000) and “The Way You Move” (performed solely by Big Boi) have all topped the US Billboard Hot 100….

Big Boi discography
EPs 1
Singles 22
Promotional singles 5
Other charted songs 2

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