What evidence did Heck Tate remove?

What evidence did Heck Tate remove?

What piece of evidence did Heck remove from the scene? A switchblade knife. We are not told directly that the knife is directly connected to the crime, but the implication is clear. When Heck proposes to demonstrate how Ewell fell on his own knife, he removes a long switchblade pocket from his pocket.

Who broke their arm in To Kill a Mockingbird?


Why is Boo Radley lonely?

Boo Radley is lonely because he has disengaged from society. He has not left his house in years. When Dill first comes to Maycomb, he is fascinated by Boo because he too understands what it means to be lonely.

What is Heck Tate really trying to do with this lie Why is he lying?

Heck Tate lies about what happened because he thinks that that is the best thing for all concerned. Even though Atticus thinks that Jem can take it, Heck Tate thinks that that would be a heck of a hard thing for a kid that age to deal with. Second, I think he is trying to protect Boo Radley.

What does Jem’s broken arm symbolize in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Jem’s arm is broken during the attack, symbolizing the pain and disillusionment he has experienced while learning about Boo Radley and witnessing the Robinson trial. Jem survives the attack but carries a permanent scar, a symbol of the disabling power of hatred and injustice.

Why has Jem been crying?

Jem cries because Nathan Radley cements in the hole in the tree, eliminating their connection to Boo Radley. At the beginning of the book, Jem and Scout just see Boo Radley as a curiosity and form of amusement. They can act out his life story, or be afraid to pass his house.

Is Boo Radley autistic?

Boo Radley is a reclusive who spends most of his days cutting things out of paper, and his behavior has caused him to become a boogieman of sorts to the local children. In addition to autism, Boo Radley’s behavior is also consistent with schizoid personality disorder.

What does the knife symbolize in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Kitchen Knife Symbolizes Jem and Scout’s childhood and friendship. This symbol is important because if Miss Maudie hadn’t given Scout the chance to spend time with her, Scout would be all alone, since Jem and Dill were always excluding her.

Why does Heck Tate have a switchblade?

3. Scout tells Atticus that she understands why Heck Tate did what he did. Bob Ewell brought the switchblade to scene as a weapon to kill Jem and Scout. He attacked Scout with it, leading to the slash marks on her ham costume.

Why does JEM stop Scout from killing the roly-poly bug What does this tell us about Jem?

Jem stops her, explaining that the defenseless bug had done nothing to her. Like the mockingbird, the roly-poly bug is a symbol of innocence.

Why does Scout not like Dill and Jem?

Why is Scout not allowed to go with Dill and Jem? Scout cannot go with the boys since they are swimming naked. She says Scout might want to be a lawyer since she has “already commenced going to court.” What does Scout say she wants to be when she grows up? Scout says she wants to grow up to be a lady.

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