What ever happened to Lee Van Cleef?

What ever happened to Lee Van Cleef?

Lee Van Cleef, the film actor whose steely eyes and rugged features led to a long career portraying Western arch-villains, died, apparently of a heart attack, early today at St. John’s Regional Medical Center. He was 64 years old and lived in Oxnard.

Was Lee Van Cleef an Indian?

Born Clarence Leroy Van Cleef Jr., January 9, 1925, in Somerville, New Jersey, his parents (Clarence Leroy Van Cleef and Marian L. Van Fleet) were both new Jersey natives of Dutch extraction. Lee’s father, a WWI veteran who served two years in Europe, worked as an accountant and bank cashier.

Did Lee Van Cleef serve in the military?

Mr. Van Cleef was born in Somerville, N.J., and served in the Navy during World War II.

Who is Lee Van Cleef married to?

Barbara Havelonem. 1976–1989
Joan Marjorie Dranem. 1960–1974Patsy Ruthm. 1943–1960
Lee Van Cleef/Spouse

How did Lee Van Cleef lose his finger tip?

He lost the last joint of the middle finger of his right hand while building a playhouse for his daughter. In 1958, a severe car crash nearly cost Van Cleef his life and career. A resulting knee injury made his physicians think that he would never ride a horse again.

Are the Dollars trilogy connected?

Sergio Leone’s Dollars Trilogy is an iconic trio of Clint Eastwood westerns that are loosely connected — and the best order to watch them in isn’t chronological.

Where is Lee Marvin buried?

Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VALee Marvin / Place of burial

Where is Lee Van Cleef buried?

Forest Lawn, Los Angeles, CALee Van Cleef / Place of burial

Who is Lee Van Cleef?

Lee Van Cleef was a famous actor in American film and television. Before stepping into the entertainment industry, he served as a First Class Sonarman in the US Navy from 1942 to 1946. Cleef worked as a submarine chaser. After retiring, he started taking place in theatres.

How many children does Lee Van Cleef have?

The actor had four children- Alan Van Cleef, David Van Cleef, Deborah Van Cleef, and Denise Van Cleef. When did Lee Van Cleef die? Lee Van Cleef died of heart disease and throat cancer in Oxnard, California, the USA, on December 16, 1989.

How well do you know Lee Van Cleef?

Clarence LeRoy Van Cleef Jr., mostly known as Lee Van Cleef, was one of the most popular actors in the 1960s and 70s in the United States of America. After making his debut in the early 1950s, the actor has ruled the American entertainment industry for almost three decades.

Did Lee Van Cleef die of a pacemaker?

Grave of Lee Van Cleef, at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. Despite suffering from heart disease from the late 1970s and having a pacemaker installed in the early 1980s, Van Cleef continued to work in films until his death on December 16, 1989, at age 64. He collapsed in his home in Oxnard, California, from a heart attack.

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