What ethnicity is Tanisha?

What ethnicity is Tanisha?

Tanisha is a Hausa variant transcription of the name Tani (Hausa and English) and means born on a Monday in Hausa. Tanisha is also a variant transcription of the name Tansy (English). It can also be a combination of Ta- with Aisha.

Are Tanisha and Clive still together?

Thomas married Clive Muir at the Thatched Cottage on Long Island, New York on December 4, 2011. The couple separated approximately one month after their wedding and ended their marriage two years later, in 2014.

How old is Tanisha from BGC?

36 years (August 28, 1985)Tanisha Thomas / Age

Where is Tanisha Thomas from?

New York, NYTanisha Thomas / Place of birth

How do you say Tanisha?

Tanisha \t(a)-ni-sha\ is pronounced Tanīṣā.

Is Tanisha Thomas married?

Clive MuirTanisha Thomas / Spouse (m. 2011–2014)

Where is Tanisha Thomas now?

The original bad girl is back. Tanisha Thomas, who came to fame for her colorful personality in 2008 after appearing on Oxygen’s reality show Bad Girls Club, is returning to her roots. She’s starring in and executive producing a series for the Zeus network called Baddies ATL.

Which Bad Girls Club is Tanisha on?

Bad Girls Club (season 2)

Bad Girls Club
Season 2
The original seven “bad girls” of season two: Jennavecia, Darlen, Lyric, Cordelia, Neveen, Tanisha, and Hanna (from left to right)
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 24

How old is Megan from BGC?

Mehgan is currently 26 and she resides in Houston, Texas.

How do you spell Tunisia?

Correct pronunciation for the word “tunisia” is [tjuːnˈɪzi͡ə], [tjuːnˈɪzi‍ə], [t_j_uː_n_ˈɪ_z_iə].

Who is Tanisha Thomas married to?

Tanisha Thomas was born in 1985, 28th August. This 32-year-old American celebrity was born in Brooklyn, New York in the United States of America. Her mother is called Lydia Thomas. Her early family life and educational background is still a mystery to her fans. In 2011, Tanisha Thomas got married to Clive Muir.

Is Tanisha Thomas married to Carey St Hilaire?

Tanisha Thomas Marital Relationships, Divorce, Pregnant The American native and her second husband Carey St. Hilaire welcomed their son, Aiden, on 7 March 2018. Carey is a Photographer from New York City. Tanisha started dating Carey St. Hilaire in 2017.

Who is Tanisha Thomas from Love Games?

Brooklyn diva, Tanisha Thomas is best known for her appearance in dating competition show Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too (2010). She also hosts two other talk shows for Oxygen: The AfterParty television specials and the OxygenLive online series.

How did Tanisha know she was pregnant?

Tanisha officially announced the news of her pregnancy through the Instagram post in which she had her hands around her growing belly. After the birth of her son on 7 March, Tanisha got Carey got engaged on 23 April 2018. Tanisha often posts his picture on her Instagram. This is the first child of Thomas.

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