What episode does Butters say gay?

What episode does Butters say gay?

Cartman Sucks
Cartman takes a photo with Butters’ penis in his mouth to prove Butters is gay. He later finds out what the picture really means and freaks out when the photo disappears.

What episode is Cartman gay?

Cartman Finds Love

“Cartman Finds Love”
Episode no. Season 16 Episode 7
Directed by Trey Parker
Written by Trey Parker
Production code 1607

What episode of South Park does Butters go to gay camp?

Season 11 E 2 • 03/14/2007. When his “ultimate plan” to embarrass Butters backfires, Cartman struggles to keep his classmates from seeing a compromising photograph. Meanwhile, Butters is sent to a special camp where they “Pray the Gay Away.”

Is tweek South Park gay?

Despite originally maintaining a fake relationship for the sake of the town, the two end up staying together by choice even after the town loses interest. Craig refers to Tweek as his boyfriend in South Park: The Fractured But Whole and openly tells the player that he is gay.

Who is Cartman’s best friend?

Cartman and Kenny’s relationship has been rocky at times, but they always return to their close friendship status, playing with toys or hanging out at Casa Bonita together. Cartman has considered the both of them to be best friends on multiple occasions, both for selfish and selfless reasons.

Does Cartman have a crush on Wendy?

Wendy is one of the stronger examples of an Eric Cartman hater, but in the Season Four episode, « Chef Goes Nanners », she had a temporary crush on him while they were working together on the flag debate. She even dreamed of herself and Cartman falling in love together in a meadow.

Is Cartman Gay for Kyle?

Season 16 E 7 • 04/25/2012. In front of the entire stadium, Cartman gets on the big screen and professes his love for Kyle.

Does Tweek have ADHD?

Tweek is an over-caffeinated 4th grader. His parents own the local coffee shop, which is especially helpful since he drinks coffee to calm down. His parents claim that his hyperactivity is due to ADD. In Gnomes, Tweek and the The Boys have to do an assignment together.

Is Craig gay South Park?

One of his traits is his compulsive tendency to flip people off, usually for no discernible reason. He leads the group known as Craig’s Gang (aka Craig and those guys). He is one of the two children (along with Tweek Tweak) who are openly gay.

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