What episode did Tami and Evelyn fight?

What episode did Tami and Evelyn fight?

“Basketball Wives” Episode #2.11 (TV Episode 2011) – IMDb.

What did Evelyn say to Tami?

On this week’s episode, Tami and Evelyn went head to head, with both ladies exchanging low blows. Evelyn said Tami looked like a crackhead. Tami said Evelyn was fake as f–k. But the record scratched when Tami said that Ev lied on her ex-husband Chad Johnson and their domestic violence situation, several years back.

Is Shaunie and Tami still friends?

Tami Roman explains why she’s no longer friends with Shaunie O’Neal. Roman told FOX Soul that she and O’Neal are no longer friends due to her belief that O’Neal chose sides in Roman’s ongoing feud with Evelyn Lozada.

Why is Evelyn suing OG?

What is Evelyn Lozada’s lawsuit against OG? In October 2019, Evelyn filed a lawsuit against OG for defamation. The reality star claimed she lost endorsements over OG’s accusations and that she suffered emotional distress.

What season did Tami leave Basketball Wives?

Tami made her exit on season 8 of the VH1 series after she had issues with Evelyn Lozada, as well as Shaunie O’Neal. She described the 2016 series as a “demon seed” on Fox Soul talk show One on One With Keyshia Cole.

Did Tami say popular or fake?

Speaking of talking in circles, Tami is quick to point out to Evelyn that she didn’t say “fake or phony.” Un uh. She said “popular.” Popular? Evelyn is totally fine with being called that.

Are Evelyn and Tami friends?

The VH1 star confirmed that she and Tami are on the outs and she’s “choosing to leave her alone.” Things were a little rocky between the two at the beginning of the season, and their friendship continued to dissolve after Evelyn called Tami the b-word during a cast dinner.

Why did Tami leave Saints and sinners?

Through some in-depth soul searching, Roman quickly realized that her happiness had less to do with money and more to do with her mental health and passion projects. “I wanted to transition out of reality TV and back into scripted programming. I wanted to build my brand and expand that,” Roman tells Houstonia.

Is og suing Basketball Wives?

OG shared similar sentiments of Lozada being guilty of colorism. TMZ reports that Lozada sued OG for defamation over her claims of colorism. Lozada denied she could ever be guilty of colorism or racism, noting “her 2 children are African and Hispanic descent.”

Did og from Basketball Wives get fired?

OG departed “Basketball Wives” after another controversial season. Evelyn denied using the monkey emoji to take a shot at OG. So she filed a defamation lawsuit against her. OG clapped back with an emotional distress countersuit.

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