What engines does a 747-8 have?

What engines does a 747-8 have?

GEnx-2B67 engines The engine selected for the aircraft is the GEnx-2B67, the General Electric next-generation engine. The design of the 747-8 aircraft engine is slightly modified variant of the GEnx engine developed for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The engine provides 66,500lb of thrust.

How much HP does a 747-8 have?

How much horsepower does a 747-8 have?

Characteristic Lockheed 1049G Boeing 747
Number of engines 4 4
Total cruise power, hp 6 585 59 934
Power per engine, hp 1 646 14 984
Dry engine weight, lb 3 675 8 600

How powerful are the engines on a 747?

The power per engine for the two aircraft is seen to be 14 984 horsepower and 1646 horsepower for the 747 and Super Constellation, respectively. The Wright 3350 turbocompound engines that powered the Lockheed aircraft are among the most powerful reciprocating engines ever developed for aircraft use.

How much fuel can a 747-8 Hold?

The horizontal tail surfaces of the 747-8 have the capacity to carry 3,300 gallons of fuel.

What is the cruising speed of a 747-8?

568 mphBoeing 747-8 / Cruise speed

What is the takeoff speed of a 747?

The 747 goes from its approximate takeoff speed of 200 mph (89.4 meters per second) to 0 mph in 27 seconds. Using the definition of acceleration, this means the brake-only stopping 747 has acceleration magnitude of 3.31 m/s2.

How much cargo can a 747-8 carry?

307,600 pounds
The 747-8 freighter carries 46 shipping containers: 34 on its main deck and 12 in its lower compartments. It has a cargo capacity of 307,600 pounds, or about 30,000 packages, and a range of 4,200 nautical miles.

What is a Boeing 747-8?

The 747-8 is the third generation of the 747, with a lengthened fuselage, redesigned wings, new engines, and improved efficiency. The 747-8 is the largest 747 version, the largest commercial aircraft built in the United States, and the longest passenger aircraft in the world.

Did Boeing successfully complete a 747-8 Freighter engine?

^ Boeing Successfully Completes 747-8 Freighter Engine Runs Archived July 25, 2011, at the Wayback Machine. Boeing ^ “Boeing Says 747-8 Freighter to Make First Flight”. ABC News. February 7, 2010.

What makes the new Boeing 747-8 ECS so special?

Other key improvements in the new ECS include an advanced new bleed system and true subfreezing packs. The 747-8 airplane is powered by General Electric GENX-2B engines. The engine bleed systems supply air from the engine compressor.

What is the difference between the Boeing 747 400 and 747 8?

The insertion of an extra 5.6 metres (220 inches) of length as compared to the Boeing 747 400 is slightly different for the 747 8 Intercontinental as compared to the 747 8 Freighter. For the 747 8 Freighter, this is done by inserting an extra 4.1 metres of fuselage length at the forward wing root.

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