What does the word contend mean in the Bible?

What does the word contend mean in the Bible?

1 : to strive or vie in contest or rivalry or against difficulties : struggle contended with the problems of municipal government will contend for the championship this year.

What is the main message of Jude?

The book of Jude refutes corrupt teachers and encourages godly living, reminding Jesus followers that their lives indicate what they truly believe. Jude confronts corrupt teachers who distort the message about his brother Jesus and lead others astray.

What is the meaning of Philippians 1 26?

God’s given us value. Our purpose – in life and death – is like Paul’s! Our purpose is to glorify God. We honor Him by rejoicing in Him, relying on Him, and building others up!

What is the common salvation in Jude?

The Common Salvation is an Alternate Translation of the Book of Jude. The core of Jude’s message is that Salvation, as it is commonly understood, is of the spirit only. The Redemption of the personality and the Adoption of the physical body follow after the Salvation of the spirit.

How do you contend for something?

To contend is to believe something is a fact or to deal with a challenge. An example of contend is when you argue that the sky is green. An example of contend is when you have to deal with a broken leg before going on a trip. To strive in competition; vie.

How do you use the word contend?

Contend sentence example

  1. The new governor had great difficulties to contend with.
  2. I like to contend with wind and wave.
  3. Her foreign policy was as consistent as it could be considering the forces she had to contend against.

Can you contend something?

If you have to contend with a problem or difficulty, you have to deal with it or overcome it. It is time, once again, to contend with racism. If you contend that something is true, you state or argue that it is true.

What does it mean to contend for the faith quizlet?

false teachers have slipped into their midst, so the believers will have to struggle to defend for their faith. The word contend means “to struggle.” why does Jude want his readers to “contend for the faith” they all disobeyed Him and were judged by God.

What is the noun for contend?

contention. Argument, contest, debate, strife, struggle. A point maintained in an argument, or a line of argument taken in its support; the subject matter of discussion of strife; a position taken or contended for.

How do you use contend?

Contend in a Sentence 🔉

  1. To obtain custody of her children in the divorce, Bridgett will contend her husband is an abusive man.
  2. Many of the politicians who are opposing the bill contend it will harm the middle class.
  3. If you argue with Janet, she will always contend you are in the wrong.

What did Paul mean by fight the good fight of faith?

Paul references the good fight again in 2 Timothy 4:7 where he says, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” Fighting the good fight of the faith is also about perseverance and continuing, even when the road is hard.

What is the synonym of contend?

verbinsist, declare, maintain. advance. affirm. allege. argue.

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