What does routing list mean in DTS?

What does routing list mean in DTS?

DTS maintains a routing list of the personnel who need to review or approve a document. The traveler, once he or she has filled out their document, signs the document electronically (with a PKI-encrypted digital signature); the AO stamps the document electronically with an approval or a cancellation.

How do I change my DTS organization?

– Go to DTA Maintenance Tool > Organizations. – Use the Search Organizations screen to find the organization you will move the people from. – Select the Reassign Personnel button next to that organization. – Type the name of the organization the people are being moved to.

Can I approve my own DTS authorization?

Per the DTS Regulations (authorized by DoDI 5154.31, volume 3) as a SAO, you can approve your own authorizations; however, to protect itself from undue risk of fraud, DoD stipulates that SAOs may not approve any of their own travel documents that contain a request for a payment.

How do I check my cross Org in DTS?

Using Cross Org funding in DTS On the Accounting tab, select the Cross Org LOA drop down and select the one that provided on the website. Once selected, the order/voucher will automatically route to Capstone, Keystone, or Pinnacle.

What does CTO submit mean in DTS?

The CTO SUBMIT status indicates that DTS submitted the traveler’s reservation requests to the Travel Management Company (which DTS sometimes calls “CTOs”) for booking.

How many permission levels are there in DTS?

After all, there are 8 commonly-used permission levels, three different types of access, and multiple special permissions (e.g., Non-DTS Entry Agent) – and you want to get the combination right in the person’s DTS profile.

How do I reset my DTS profile?

To activate a different DTS profile, log onto DTS using your currently active profile, and on the DTS Dashboard, select your name, then Reset Profile (Figure 1). A pop-up screen opens asking if you’re sure you want to reset your profile. 2. Select Continue.

Can you access DTS without CAC?

This certificate is used by DBsign to verify your identity and authority to use DTS. Because of this, a CAC reader is currently required to access DTS.

How long does it take for DTS to pay out?

within three business days
As a rule of thumb, DTS (in conjunction with your organization’s official accounting system) repays travelers within three business days of the Authorizing Official (AO) approving the traveler’s voucher*.

Can contractors travel using DTS?

A DoD personal services contract employee may use DTS for TDY travel. Government reimbursement to the Government contractor or contractor’s employee for travel is determined by the terms and conditions of the contract (see Department of Defense Instruction 3020.41, “Operational Contract Support (OCS)”).

What is cross Org in DTS?

In the Defense Travel System (DTS), the Cross-Organization (X-Org) Funding feature allows an organization to release access of a LOA, to make funding available to another organization or to a specific traveler.

What is GDS in DTS?

DTS creates PNR when user selects reservations. Held in Global Distribution System (GDS)

What does stamp initiate the routing process in DTS?

The routing process begins when a traveler, Travel Clerk, or Non-DTS Entry Agent (NDEA) applies the SIGNED or T-ENTERED stamp to a travel document. DTS routes the travel document to Routing Officials. DTS electronically routes the travel document to the individuals who must review it and sends an email to alert them.

Does DTS offer 24-hour support?

DTS was established in 1988 to provide a wide range of portable, mobile and fixed two-way radio solutions, equipment and infrastructure. In addition, a fully equipped certification service center provides special, fixed-price maintenance, 24-hour support contracts and maintenance plans.

How can you identify the conditional routing elements on DTS?

The accountable station number (ASDN) is the element that directs the LOA to the appropriate finance system. Because each format map places the ASDN in a different place (in the example above, it’s the first element in Account 7), DTS duplicates the ASDN in the first element of Account 1. This allows DTS to easily identify and correctly interact

How to use DTS?

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