What does no brainer mean in slang?

What does no brainer mean in slang?

If you describe a person or action as a no-brainer, you mean that they are stupid. [US, informal, disapproval]

Is no brainer an insult?

When someone refers to something as a ā€œno-brainer,ā€ they are being insulting and insensitively coercive. In esssence, here is what they are communicating: ā€œIf you don’t agree with me, then that means you have no brain.ā€

What is an example of a no brainer?

An example of a no brainer is if someone asks if you want a million dollars free and clear with absolutely no taxes or strings attached. (informal) An easy or obvious conclusion, decision, solution, task, etc.; something requiring little or no thought.

What is another word for no brainer?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for no-brainer, like: non-starter, doozy, non-issue, doddle, good buy, good one, pipe dream and tall-order.

How do you use no brainer?

Once you compare the price tags, it’s a no-brainer! This case is looking like a no-brainer. The issue seems a no-brainer, yet somehow Columbia Records in America never picked up on the album. As it turned out the rain decided to hammer down even harder and the decision to abandon the game became a no-brainer.

What is the opposite of no brainer?

Opposite of an easy or obvious decision. complex decision. complicated decision. difficult choice.

How do you use no-brainer?

How do you formally say no-brainer?

synonyms for no-brainer

  1. a breeze.
  2. a snap.
  3. breeze.
  4. cakewalk.
  5. cherry pie.
  6. child’s play.
  7. cinch.
  8. easily accomplished task.

How do you use chuck in a sentence?

(1) Chuck me the newspaper, would you? (2) Chuck it over there/into the corner. (3) Let’s chuck all these old papers and magazines away! (4) I really must chuck out all those old books.

When was no-brainer first used?

The first example of the term with the meaning of ‘easily made decision’ is from the Canadian newspaper The Lethbridge Herald, January 1968, in a report on an ice hockey game: He’d break in on a goalie and the netminder would make one of those saves that our manager-coach, Sid Abel, calls “a no-brainer.”

How do you use no-brainer in a sentence?

Where does the expression no brainer come from?

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