What does Kusu mean in Singapore?

What does Kusu mean in Singapore?

Kusu Island is one of the Southern Islands in Singapore, located about 5.6 kilometres to the south of the main island of Singapore. The name Kusu means “Tortoise” or “Turtle” in Chinese; The island is also known as Peak Island or Pulau Tembakul in Malay.

What is Kusu Island in Chinese?

Kusu Island is the site of an annual pilgrimage drawing both Chinese and Malay devotees. Meaning “Turtle Island” (龟屿岛) in Chinese and “Peak Island” (Pulau Tembakul) in Malay, Kusu Island has a Chinese temple and three Malay keramat (shrine) for the worship of local deities.

Do people live on Kusu Island?

He and Mr Mohamed Sulih Supian, 69, are the last people still living on the sleepy island, a 30-minute ferry ride away from Singapore. To get there, take the ferry from Marina South Pier. Return tickets cost $18 and the trip takes you first to St John’s Island, then to Kusu Island.

Why is Kusu Island important?

Kusu Island is home to a Chinese temple and three Malay shrines. The Chinese temple was built in 1923 (nearly 100 years old) and attracts boatloads of pilgrims each year during the eleventh month of the lunar calendar. This makes the temple visit one of the top reasons for people to visit Kusu Island.

Can BBQ at Kusu Island?

Take plenty of food and drink with you as there are no provisions on the island. There are shelters, picnic tables and barbecue pits. There are plenty of clean public toilets and showers available for visitors and during peak times (Kusu Pilgrimage) use is made of a hawker centre to provide food and provisions.

Can overnight at Kusu Island?

Fun in the sun Just 5.6 kilometres south of Singapore, Kusu Island is best for day-trippers, as staying overnight or camping is not permitted.

What is Kusu Island known as?

Located just 5.6km from Singapore, Kusu Island means Tortoise Island in Mandarin. Legend has it that a magical tortoise turned itself into the island to save two shipwrecked sailors. It is also known as Peak Island or Pulau Tembakul in Malay.

Is there toilet in Kusu Island?

There are toilets to the left of the jetty near a small mosque. There are also toilets and beach shelters to the right of the jetty, by the swimming lagoon.

Is there any food at Kusu Island?

There are numerous pavilions around Kusu Island so you can enjoy a breezy and sheltered picnic, rain or shine. *Pro-tip: Bring your own food as there are no stalls selling food or drinks on Kusu Island.

Can you swim in Kusu Island?

5. Swimming & Snorkeling. There are 2 lagoons where you can swim in Kusu island. The bigger one, which is near Tortoise Sanctuary, is facing Singapore’s mainland.

Is there toilet on St John Island?

The toilets on St. John’s island near the jetty come with shower facilities. The other toilet is next to the private jetty on Lazarus Island, a five-minute walk from the beach. Give yourselves sufficient time to walk back from Lazarus Island to St.

Do I need passport for Kusu Island?

Yup, that’s a lot! The two islands Singaporeans are most familiar with are Sentosa and Pulau Tekong….7 islands near Singapore that Singaporeans don’t need a passport to visit.

Island Cost of trip
Pulau Ubin $8
Kusu Island $15
St John’s Island $15
Lazarus Island $15

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