What does jebus binary sword say?

What does jebus binary sword say?

The 316 sword is one of the two trademark weapons Jebus uses in the Madness Combat series. It is a powerful two-handed longsword with the numbers “100111100” inscribed on its surface. This is a binary code which translates to the number sequence “316”.

Who is the most powerful character in Madness Combat?

The Auditor is the true and main antagonist of the Madness series, first seen in Madness Combat 7: Consternation and is known to be a very powerful entity, being immune to most physical attacks.

What happened to Hank’s mouth in Madness Combat?

At the end, Hank kills Tricky by slicing the top of his head off, but the clown is revived instantly and kills Hank by also ripping his head off and smashing it against the ground till his jaw is completely destroyed, with the text “OMFG! YOU DO NOT KILL CLOWN! CLOWN KILLS YOU!” on screen.

Who is 2BDamned?

“2BDamned”, or “Doc”, is the tetartagonist of the Madness Combat series. He helps Deimos escape from Purgatory during the events of DedmosRebuilt. fla. “2BDamned” is derived from his username on the instant message console he uses to communicate with FellowD9 in this episode.

What does Jesus Sword say in Madness Combat?

The binary sword has been Jesus’ signature melee weapon ever since Madness Combat 3: Avenger. It has the numbers 100111100 inscribed on the blade, which when translated from binary to decimal gives ‘316’.

What gun does Jesus use in Madness Combat?

A recurring character trait of Jeb is his use of high-caliber firearms, such as his Desert Eagle, which he later swapped out for a S&W 500, and for a long ranged weapon, he settles for a TAC-50 which he uses in Inundation and in Incident: 111A.

Who is the main villain of Madness Combat?

Hank’s description in Madness: Project Nexus 2. Hank J. Wimbleton is the main protagonist villain of the Madness Combat series on Newgrounds. He is a mercenary on a mission to destroy the Agency Against Hank Wimbleton.

WHO IS auditor FNF?

The Auditor is the main antagonist of Madness Combat, made by Krinkels. He is the shadowy, powerful entity behind the AAHW and the main antagonist of the Auditor Saga, as well as the overarching antagonist of the Tricky Saga. He is one of Hank’s major enemies, next to Jebus and Tricky.

How many times has Hank died Madness Combat?

Hank has died seven times in the main series. He’s been killed three times by Jesus, three times by Tricky, and once by suicide bombing Jesus. His fate at the end of Madness Combat 11 is ambiguous, and may constitute an eight death.

Who is antipathy Hank?

Hank J. Wimbleton, also called simply Hank is the main protagonist of the Madness Combat series. This version is of his Antipathy appearance.

What is Hank height Madness Combat?

Hank is canonically 6’2, as stated by Krinkels during his Twitch stream.

Does Deimos escape purgatory?

Krinkels has confirmed that Deimos is alive after purgatory.

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