What does it mean to say my fellow?

What does it mean to say my fellow?

Fellow is an old fashioned word for “guy.” If you’re wearing a top hat, you may address someone as “my good fellow.” It’s also a non-stuffy word to describe people in the same situation, such as you and your fellow Vocabulary.com fans.

Who used to say my fellow Americans?

Fifty years ago, in this room and at this very desk, President Woodrow Wilson spoke words which caught the imagination of a war-weary world.

Does fellow mean boy?

The definition of a fellow is a man or a boy, especially a boyfriend or lover. The definition of a fellow is also a peer who is doing the same activities as you, or a student or scholar doing research that is being paid for. A young boy is an example of a fellow. Your male lover is an example of your fellow.

Is there a female version of fellow?

Fellow in the context of an organization or group is gender neutral. Girl, woman or gal otherwise.

What does fellow mean in UK?

UK. a member of an official organization for a particular subject or job: He’s a fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. US. a graduate student who has a fellowship at a university.

Can I call a girl fellow?

According to Etymology Online, fellow has been: Used familiarly since mid-15c. for “man, male person,” but not etymologically masculine. It would be perfectly acceptable to call a woman a fellow traveler, for instance.

Can a girl be a fellow?

Can I use fellow?

Fellow – Avoid using “fellow” when you mean “a person.” Calling someone a fellow is more formal than calling him or her a dude, but “fellow” is still a colloquialism.

What is the synonym of fellow?

A mate, companion, or associate.

What’s the opposite of fellow?

What is the opposite of fellow?

ignoramus halfwit
clod simpleton
dullard dunce

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