What does Flash and the Pan mean?

What does Flash and the Pan mean?

Definition of flash in the pan 1 : a sudden spasmodic effort that accomplishes nothing. 2 : one that appears promising but turns out to be disappointing or worthless.

Where does the term flash in the pan come from?

The term ‘flash in the pan’ originated sometime during the late 17th century, when flintlock muskets were used. An attempt to fire a musket that resulted in gunpowder flaring up but no ball firing was referred to as a flash in the pan.

What does caught in the pan mean?

It’s an expression we use informally to say something disastrous has happened. It’s not the cooking pan we are referring to here.

Was not a flash in the pan?

something that happened only once or for a short time and was not repeated: Sadly, their success was just a flash in the pan.

What is pan in Latin?

Pan- comes from the Greek pâs, meaning “all.” The term pancreas, a gland in the stomach, is ultimately related to this same Greek root. So do panacea and many other words English gets from Greek. The equivalent form derived from Latin is omni-, as in omnivore, which comes from Latin omnis, “all.”

What words have pan in them?

12 letter words containing pan

  • pancreatitis.
  • expansionary.
  • expansionism.
  • companionway.
  • intracompany.
  • companionate.
  • panchromatic.
  • pancytopenia.

Have sth up your sleeve meaning?

: to have/keep a secret method, trick, etc., that one can use when it is needed The coach always keeps a few tricks up his sleeve.

What does going off half cocked mean?

Definition of go off half-cocked : to do or say something without preparing for it or thinking about it Before you go off half-cocked, try listening to the explanation.

What does cat in a pan mean?

obsolete A traitor. The phrase is thought to refer to the cooking of a “cate” (an archaic word for a delicacy, such as a cake), which would be turned from one side to the other in a pan.

What does go down the pan mean?

Definition of down the pan 1 —used to describe something that is being wasted or lost It’s just money down the pan. All my hard work went down the pan. 2 —used to describe something that is getting much worse The business is going down the pan.

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