What does Fl mean on a Biasi boiler?

What does Fl mean on a Biasi boiler?

Biasi Boiler Error Codes / Fault Codes List

Fault Code Boiler Fault
N/A Boiler Stand-By, hyphens are turned on in sequence to simulate running/antifreeze protection activated)
N/A Filling request: The boiler works regularly and the display shows all the icons, but the signal FL is flashing every 1 sec.

What does fl on a boiler mean?

flame loss
The FL fault code on the Isar/Icos/Istor means “flame loss” or “loss of flame” and relates to a problem with the ignition process. This means that the burner has failed to ignite or failed to stay alight. On boilers this can be caused by many different components.

Is Biasi a good boiler?

A Biasi regular boiler is a great value option as they are some of the most affordable models on the market. You’ll also need to pay for a Gas Safe heating engineer to install it for you, but once the boiler it has been fitted you can enjoy many years to come of a comfortable home and minimal heating bills.

Where is Biasi boiler made?

Pordenone Italy
The production facility in Pordenone Italy, manufactures a wide range of residential boilers that serve no less than 40 markets across the globe. All boilers are rigorously tested throughout the production process to ensure the quality of the product remains of the highest standard.

What does po mean on a boiler?

Biasi Boiler Error Codes Fault Codes

Fault Code System Behaviour
N/A Pump activated for the post-circulation phase (Po flashing + temperature flashing)
N/A Delayed burner ignition for setting the system (uu flashing + temperature flashing)
N/A Maintenance required The wrench symbol is flashing (without showing any error)

How old is my Biasi boiler?

You can usually find your Biasi boiler serial number on the drop-down panel or inside the front casing. The serial number usually begins with the letter N and followed by nine digits. The last four digits of the serial number are the month and year of manufacturing.

How do you fix a flame loss on a boiler?

Ideal boiler flame loss can be fixed by first, checking your other gas appliances and trying to reset your boiler. This kind of fault tends to occur with very old boilers that are working at low efficiency, so it may be worthwhile to simply invest in a new boiler.

How much does a Biasi boiler cost?

Biasi Boilers prices range between £656 and £658 depending on your requirements. This includes VAT but excludes the installation fee.

How old are Biasi boilers?

With over 74 years of manufacturing experience – Biasi boasts a reputation for quality, reliability & performance. Biasi UK was formed in 1990 to promote the group’s products throughout the UK and is a leading supplier to the Heating Industry throughout the British Isles.

What does EA flashing on my boiler mean?

EA – There is an error where the pump is not detecting water – check pressure gauge and repressurise to 1 bar.

How much does it cost to replace a Biasi boiler PCB?

A PCB replacement for a Biasi boiler is going to be closer to £500. With repairs of this size, it might be worth considering whether it’s worth investing this cash in a new boiler with a long warranty. What does the FL error code mean on my Biasi boiler

What does fl mean on a Biasi boiler?

What does the FL error code mean on my Biasi boiler The final common error code we see on Biasi boilers, is the FL fault. This is a filling request; there isn’t enough pressure in the system. System pressure is directly linked to the amount of water the system contains.

How does a Biasi boiler work?

Your Biasi boiler is controlled by a component called a printed circuit board (PCB). It’s the PCB that communicates with all components to tell them when to kick into life, and when they’re no longer needed. This includes the likes of the gas valve, burner and even the pump.

What are the most common faults with Biasi boilers?

Another common fault we come across with Biasi boilers is the ER02 fault code. This error relates to the safety thermostat kicking in, due to the boiler overheating. The possible reasons for this happening are endless.

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