What does ECTN mean in shipping?

What does ECTN mean in shipping?

These waiver certificates (also known as ECTN – Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) are required by certain African countries to effectively control, supervise and manage import / export traffic to the country.

What is ECTN no?

According to the Mali Port Authority Act, the Customs and Excise Department of Mali have made Electronic Cargo Tracking Number (ECTN) reference number mandatory on the bill of lading & import manifest to further strengthen and improve the efficiency of the transport of goods and to reduce the penalties caused by …

How do I get a CNCA certificate?


  1. Submit the required documents by email or online.
  2. You will be sent a draft and Performa invoice,
  3. Once your payment has been received and you approve the draft, validated certificate be sent.

WHO issues ECTN?

The shipper or his agent or the forwarder is responsible to secure the ECTN from several authorized representatives. In most countries, it must be validated at least 5 days before the vessel arrives at the port.

What is Besc certificate?

The Basic Electrical Competence for Access, Movement & Egress (BESC:AME) scheme is for individuals who are required to carry out duties on or near operational plant and equipment in electricity transmission and/or distribution environments. This scheme is assessment only and does not include any training.

What is a BSC certificate?

A Bachelor of Science (BS, B.Sc. , SB, or ScB; from the Latin baccalaureus scientiae or scientiae baccalaureus) is a bachelor’s degree awarded for programs that generally last three to five years.

What is ECTN certificate?

The Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (abbreviated as ECTN) is a maritime certificate or waiver that is mandatory to export to most countries of the continent of Africa.

What is a CNCA certificate?

CNCA certificate (Conselho Nacional de Carregadores) is a Loading Certificate (LC) which is a compulsory document for all commercial shipments to Angola since 28/01/1994 (Decree no. 19/94).

How long does a Besc last?

Registration last for 3 years after which the candidate must undertake a further assessment to remain registered with EUSR. Assessment is delivered by qualified assessors accredited by Energy & Utility Skills (EU Skills).

Is BSc a good degree?

When it comes to considering academic degrees after 10+2, B.Sc. or Bachelor of Science is one of the best career options you can choose. It is a very popular choice among aspirants who wish to pursue a career in Science and Technology. In India, the course duration is usually for three years.

Is BS and BSc same?

There are not too many differences between BS and BSc. Usually, BS courses are 4 years long while BSc courses are of 3 years. Most of the BS courses are offered as a BS-MS dual degree programme. BS or Bachelor in Science is an undergraduate level course that is designed on grounds that are similar to B.Sc.

What is Angola CNCA?

Conselho Nacional de Carregadores is a customs clearance document that is obligatory in Angola. CNCA is the certificate of absolutely vital importance for this country’s shipments operations.

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