What does do free dictionary mean?

What does do free dictionary mean?

to perform an act, duty, or role: Do nothing until you hear from me.; to accomplish; finish; complete: Do your homework.; to exert oneself: Do your best; to deal with, fix, clean: Do the dishes.

What does nether mean in Latin?

Latin Translation. neque. More Latin words for nether. infernalis adjective. infernal, hellish, lower.

What is a nether sentence?

dwelling beneath the surface of the earth 3. located below or beneath something else. 1. He was escorted back to the nether regions of Main Street. 2.

What is a nether lip?

adj placed or situated below, beneath, or underground. nether regions, a nether lip. (Old English niothera, nithera, literally: further down, from nither down.

Where is your nether?

In Java Edition, the Nether is stored in . minecraft/saves/worldname/DIM-1 .

Where did the term nether come from?

From Middle English nether, nethere, nithere, from Old English niþera (“lower, under, lowest”, adjective), from niþer, niþor (“below, beneath, down, downwards, lower, in an inferior position”, adverb), from Proto-West Germanic [Term?], from Proto-Germanic *niþer, *niþra (“down”), from Proto-Indo-European *ni-, *nei- (“ …

What does nether mean in a place name?

Nether means the lower part of a thing or place. [old-fashioned] He was escorted back to the nether regions of Main Street. Synonyms: lower, bottom, beneath, underground More Synonyms of nether.

What to do if you’re lost in the nether?

So,if you are really lost,press F3 and make sure you travel close to the origin. Find a nether fortress, then drop all of your items in a chest. Die and go back to the fortress, but leave a trail of cobblestone. Take back your items and return to the overworld, following your trail.

What does the name Nether mean?

Whenever I tell somebody, they laugh and say that “Nether” means “Hell”. It doesn’t. People mostly think this because the hell-ish region in the popular game Minecraft is called the Nether. “Nether” ACTUALLY means “under” or “below”. They call it the Netherlands because the Netherlands is partially/mostly “below” sea level.

What does Nether mean?

nether noun. A trouble; a fault or dislocation in a seam of coal. nether verb. To bring or thrust down; bring or make low; lower; abase; humble. nether verb. To constrict; straiten; confine; restrict; suppress; lay low; keep under; press in upon; vex; harass; oppress. nether.

What does the Nether look like?

Unlike the Overworld, the shape of the terrain in the Nether is independent of the biome distribution; instead, the biome alters the surface material and adds terrain features to the netherrack terrain. The Nether is divided into several biomes just like the Overworld, each featuring unique terrain, mobs, structures, ambience, etc.

What is another word for Nether?

Synonyms for the nether world include hell, hellfire, Hades, netherworld, perdition, Abaddon, abyss, Tartarus, Acheron and hades. Find more similar words at wordhippo

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