What does Coco Noir smell like?

What does Coco Noir smell like?

A voluptuous and enveloping luminous ambery scent with a noble accord of Egyptian Jasmine and May Rose that adds depth and sensuality. The trail unfurls with magnetic notes of Indonesian Patchouli and Venezuelan Tonka Bean, along with the more pronounced notes of Bourbon Vanilla and White Musk.

What does Chanel Coco Eau de Parfum smell like?

Coco Eau de Parfum was launched in 1984. The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Polge. Top notes are Bulgarian Rose, Coriander, Peach, Jasmine and Mandarin Orange; middle notes are Cloves, Rose, Orange Blossom, Mimosa and Clover; base notes are Amber, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Civet, Opoponax, Vanilla and Labdanum.

Is Coco Chanel Noir unisex?

Coco Noir by Chanel is a Amber Woody fragrance for women.

What is the most famous perfume?

The Stories Behind the Most Famous Fragrances Of All Time

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What does Noir mean in perfume?

Nowhere is the power of “noir” (aka black) more intense than in the sublime and surreal cosmos of perfumes: From modern creations such as Bulgari’s Jasmin Noir and Black or Tom Ford’s Black Orchid and even Black Violet to Ormonde Jayne’s Orris Noir and Yves Rocher’s Iris Noir, all the way through to vintage gems such …

What does Coco Chanel No 5 smell like?

A highly complex blend of aldehydes and florals – including rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, lily of the valley and iris – layered over a warm, woody base of vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla, amber and patchouli – this perfume satisfies Chanel’s request that No. 5 smell like a “composition” rather than any single flower.

When did Chanel Noir come out?

Coco Noir (Eau de Parfum) is a popular perfume by Chanel for women and was released in 2012. The scent is floral-oriental….Fragrance Notes.

Top Notes Bergamot Grapefruit Orange
Heart Notes Geranium Jasmine Patchouli Rose
Base Notes Sandalwood Tonka bean Vanilla Frankincense White musk

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