What does Bewrayeth mean?

What does Bewrayeth mean?

verb. (transitive) an obsolete word for betray. Derived forms. bewrayer (beˈwrayer)

What does Bewray in the Bible mean?

bewray. / (bɪˈreɪ) / verb. (tr) an obsolete word for betray.

What is the biblical definition of Contemned?

contemn • \kun-TEM\ • verb. : to view or treat with contempt : scorn. Examples: Jacob believes that any rational scientist must contemn theories of magic and the supernatural.

What are brays?

: to utter the characteristic loud harsh cry of a donkey a braying donkey also : to utter a sound like a donkey’s bray with laughter. transitive verb. : to utter or play loudly or harshly “I’m the best!” he brayed. bray. verb (2)

What is a vile person?

Definition of vile 1a : morally despicable or abhorrent nothing is so vile as intellectual dishonesty. b : physically repulsive : foul a vile slum. 2 : of little worth or account : common also : mean. 3 : tending to degrade vile employments.

What does the word shrewdly mean?

1a : marked by clever discerning awareness and hardheaded acumen shrewd common sense. b : given to wily and artful ways or dealing a shrewd operator. 2a : severe, hard a shrewd knock. b : sharp, piercing a shrewd wind. 3 archaic : mischievous.

What is Covecious?

A covetous person has a strong desire to possess something, especially something that belongs to another person.

What Scimitar means?

Definition of scimitar : a saber having a curved blade with the edge on the convex side and used chiefly by Arabs and Turks.

What is the sound made by donkey?

List of animal sounds

Animal Description Sound
Donkey hee-haw, bray Domestic donkey brays
Duck quack Mallard Duck
Eagle screech Bald Eagle
Elephant trumpet Elephant trumpet

What does Contemned mean in the Bible?

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