What does BBL stand for NYC?

What does BBL stand for NYC?

Borough, Block, and Lot (also called Borough/Block/Lot or BBL) is the parcel number system used to identify each unit of real estate in New York City for numerous city purposes.

What is a lot NYC?

A lot line window in NYC is a window that is located on the side of a building which shares a boundary with a neighboring lot.

What is Manhattan borough number?

Manhattan, or MN, is the borough name for New York County, and its borough number is 1. The Bronx, or BX, is Bronx County, and its number is 2. Brooklyn, or BK, is Kings County, and number 3.

How do you read a bbl in NYC?

BBL stands for borough, block, and lot, and is a unique identifier for every property in New York City. The BBL consists of three numeric sequences separated by slashes….The borough is always the first number and consists of one digit between 1 and 5:

  1. 1 = Manhattan.
  2. 2 = Bronx.
  3. 3 = Brooklyn.
  4. 4 = Queens.
  5. 5 = Staten Island.

How do I find a blocked number in NYC?

The first digit represents the borough: 1 for Manhattan, 2 for the Bronx, 3 for Brooklyn, 4 for Queens, and 5 for Staten Island. The next five represent the block. In many cases, the block number is fewer than five digits. In this case, zeroes are added to the front of the five block digits.

What is tax lot NYC?

There are two types of Tax Lot Mergers in NYC. One tax lot merger is for merging plots of land the other is for combining 2 or more Condo units in a condominium building. Both need to be filed with the Department Of Finance (DOF). Merging Tax Lots of Land.

What is the NYC property tax rate?

Property taxes in New York vary greatly between New York City and the rest of the state. In New York City, property tax rates are actually quite low. The average effective property tax rate in the Big Apple is just 0.88%, while the statewide average rate is 1.69%.

What are the 7 boroughs of NYC?

The other three counties are named differently from their boroughs: Manhattan is New York County, Brooklyn is Kings County, and Staten Island is Richmond County.

  • The Bronx (Bronx County)
  • Brooklyn (Kings County)
  • Manhattan (New York County)
  • Queens (Queens County)
  • Staten Island (Richmond County)

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