What does a red toe nail mean?

What does a red toe nail mean?

Injuries. If you’ve recently dropped something on your foot or stubbed your toe on something, your nail discoloration could be a symptom of a subungual hematoma. This injury can also result from wearing shoes that are too tight. Subungual hematomas can make your nail appear red or purple.

What does the color of your toenails mean?

A healthy toenail is a shade of pale pink, much like your fingernail. Any yellowing or tinges of black color means something is not right. For example, if your toenails become yellow, you probably have a fungal infection. Yellowing can also be the result of smoking or a side effect of diabetes or a liver condition.

What can you do for discolored toenails?

When toenails turn yellow, a fungus is usually to blame. This type of fungal infection is so common that you might not even need to see a doctor for treatment. Try an over-the-counter antifungal cream. If your nail is yellow and thick, gently file down the surface so that the drug can reach deeper layers.

How do you know if your toenail is infected?

Toenail infection symptoms

  1. Pain with pressure on your toe.
  2. The skin next to your nail being swollen, tender, or hard.
  3. Redness.
  4. Bleeding.
  5. Skin that grows over part of your toenail.
  6. A blister filled with pus (you may not notice a blister, but have large amounts of drainage coming from your toe)

Why is my big toenail discolored?

Causes of Nail Discoloration Dirt, poor hygiene, and living in a humid area are all causes of a fungal infection in your toenails. Fungal toenail infections can cause discoloration, making your nail appear any of these colors: Yellow. Red-brown.

What color should my toenails be?

Healthy fingernails and toenails should generally be a pink color – with the healthy nail plate being pink, and the nail being white in color as it grows off the nail bed. Fingernail color and condition changes are rarely the first clue of serious illness.

Why is my big toenail turning black?

If your toenail turns black, it’s most likely a bruise under the nail, technically called a subungual hematoma. You can get it from stubbing a toe or from footwear that cram your feet into the front of the shoe.

Why is red nail polish so popular?

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  • How do you make red nail polish?

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    Should men wear red nail polish?

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  • What are the most popular nail polish colors?

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