What does 96K mean?

What does 96K mean?

The Maratha clan system (also referred to as Shahannava Kuli Marathas, 96 Kuli Marathas or 96K), refers to the network of 96 clans of families and essentially their surnames, within the Maratha caste of India.

Which surnames are included in 96 Kuli Maratha?

96 Kuli Maratha Surname List

  • Yadav/Jadhav. Yadav, Jadhav, Kamate, Jalindhare, Khadtare, Pathare, Gharat, Satam, Tupe,Tanpure, Ghag, Jogale, Amrite, Ghone, Jainak.
  • More. More, Madhure, Devkate, Harphale, Dhyber, Marathe, Darekar, Devkar, Adavale.
  • Bhosale.
  • Sisode.
  • Chavan.
  • Shelar.
  • Kadam.
  • Rathod.

Is 96k Maratha Kshatriya?

Modern scholars agree that Marathas and Kunbi are the same. Anthropologist J. V. Ferreira writes: “The Maratha claim to belong to the ancient 96 Kshatriya families has no foundation in fact and may have been adopted after the Marathas became with Shivaji a power to be reckoned with”.

Who are Panchkuli Maratha?

clans are Panchkuli’s. Shitole,Pisal,Kakade,Shirke,Sawant,Hande,Nimbalkar,Jedhe,Mohite’s etc. termed as Panchkuli Marathas. Other Maratha clans like Mahadik , More ,Chalukya who supposed to be emperors are also consider himself Panchkuli.

Can Maratha marry Rajput?

I think , both Maratha and Rajput can marry each other because both come under hindu religion. Hence I think everyone can marry each other in India because the constitution of India gives the right to marry .

Who are 96 Kuli Maratha Kshatriyas or Maratha Rajputs?

Who are 96 Kuli Maratha Kshatriyas, also called Maratha Rajputs by some? An insight into the genealogy of the Maratha Kshatriyas and warriors of Chattrapati Shivaji, whose bravery changed Indian history by ending Mughal dominance, and keeping the British at bay for many years.

Is the Shirke clan the highest among the Maratha nobility?

The British historian Grant Duff in his famous work — History of Marathas, written in 1826 — says, “Shirke clan ranks amongst the highest of Maratha nobility.” Shivaji’s three sons-in-law hailed…

What is the origin of the Maratha surname ‘Bhonsale’?

Bhonsale is the same clan as Chattrapati Shivaji which has its origin in the Sisodias. Significantly, the notion — that those Maratha Kshatriya surnames which don’t descend from northern Rajput clans are inferior in some way — is totally wrong.

What is the meaning of 96kuli?

96kuli means pure agrerian who are doing 96% of farming works their self and took only 4% help from outsiders. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of DailyO.in or the India Today Group.

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