What do you call bad writing?

What do you call bad writing?

2. It’s called cacography. defined as: bad handwriting; poor penmanship.

What is an example of illegal?

The definition of illegal is a person not permitted to be in a country or an act that is against the law. An example of illegal as an adjective is the phrase an illegal person, who is someone who is still in the United States after their tourist visa has run out. Prohibited by law; against the law; unlawful; illicit.

Which Cannot be easily read?

illegible Add to list Share. When your friend scribbles a note to you and you can’t figure out what it says, it’s because her handwriting is illegible — it’s unreadable. The adjective illegible is often used to describe handwriting, because people tend to have their own styles and sometimes write in a pretty messy way.

What is the root of illegal?

The root word for illegal is legal. The il- in illegal is a prefix. In this case, il- is the prefix of illegal, which means not acquired or done in a moral or official manner contrary to legal, which is the opposed definition of illegal.

What does allotted mean?

: assigned or distributed as a portion, share, or lot finished in the allotted time Silently, all the creatures filed to their allotted places.—

What does forethought mean?

consideration for the future

What is the difference between legible and illegible?

When used as adjectives, illegible means not clear enough to be read, whereas legible means being clear enough to be read, readable, particularly for handwriting.

What is the importance of forethought in our daily lives?

Through the exercise of forethought, people motivate themselves and guide their actions in anticipation of future events. When projected over a long time course on matters of value, a forethoughtful perspective provides direction, coherence, and meaning to one’s life.

What is another word for forethought?

Forethought Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for forethought?

foresight anticipation
prescience vision
care caution
circumspection discernment
farsightedness foresightedness

Which Cannot be read substitute?

One word substitution is Illegible.

What is illegal on the internet?

Theft, fraud, vandalism, trespass, harassment, child pornography, and copyright infringement are problems that predate the Internet. Existing law in these areas forms a basis on which federal and state authorities can pursue individuals who commit related crimes using the Internet.

What are some illegal activities?

Some common examples of unethical or illegal activity include:

  • Conflicts of interest.
  • Accounting or auditing irregularities.
  • Theft.
  • Fraud, waste, or abuse.
  • Disclosure of proprietary information.
  • Misuse of Argonne equipment.
  • Improper dealings with customers or vendors.
  • Sale or possession of illicit controlled substances.

What Cannot be reached in one word substitution?

That which cannot be conquered – Invincible : One word substitute.

What is the difference between handwriting and writing?

The difference between Handwriting and Writing When used as nouns, handwriting means the act or process of writing done with the hand, rather than typed or word-processed, whereas writing means graphism of symbols such as letters that express some meaning. Handwriting as a noun: Text that was written by hand.

What does not legible mean?

not legible; impossible or hard to read or decipher because of poor handwriting, faded print, etc.: This letter is completely illegible.

What is a good sentence for illegal?

Use “illegal” in a sentence | “illegal” sentence examples. (1) It is illegal to sell tobacco to someone under 16. (2) It is illegal to do/make a U-turn on a motorway. (3) Then I twigged that they were illegal immigrants.

Does legal mean allowed?

adjective. permitted by law; lawful: Such acts are not legal. of or relating to law; connected with the law or its administration: the legal profession. appointed, established, or authorized by law; deriving authority from law.

What is illegible handwriting called?

Enigmatic or incomprehensible symbols or writing. hieroglyphic. scrawl. scribble. jottings.

What does demurred mean?

1 : to take exception : object —often used with to or at it would seem hazardous to demur to a proposition which is so widely accepted— Samuel Alexander. 2 law : to file a demurrer. 3 archaic : delay, hesitate.

Which Cannot be corrected means?

Solution(By Examveda Team) Unintelligible: impossible to understand. Indelible: making marks that cannot be removed. Illegible: not clear enough to be read. Incorrigible: not able to be changed or reformed.

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