What do Dayco belt numbers mean?

What do Dayco belt numbers mean?

On the scale underneath the moveable pulley, the outer lines on the blue plastic will indicate the length of the belt in millimetres and inches. In this example the number 2045, which indicates a belt length of 2045 millimetres.

Are Dayco belts good quality?

Dayco offers a quality belt that is 87.79 inches long, 0.82 inches wide, and 0.17 inches thick. It has six ribs and proves to be super reliable and safe. With it, you’ll ensure excellent engine performance and completely quiet rides. The belt is made from EPDM rubber, which means it’s extremely durable.

Are Dayco belts made in China?

Opened in 2011 as Dayco’s first belt manufacturing plant in China, the Wujiang plant manufactures a wide range of engine timing belts and accessory PV belts for use in automotive and industrial end-markets, including advanced technology timing belt-in-oil systems and long-life PV belts for demanding industrial …

What is a Dayco drive belt?

Drive Belts are used to mechanically link two or more rotating shafts, typically transmitting rotational power from the crankshaft to ancillaries such as the alternator, power steering and air conditioning units.

How wide is a 10 rib belt?

The belt has 10 individual ribs, each with a 0.185″ V-width; they are bonded together by fabric to increase flexibility and heat dissipation.

How wide is a 6 rib belt?

Series: K & PK. Number Of Ribs: 6. Width Per Rib: 0.140″ Approximate Overall Width: 0.84″

Are Dayco belts Made in USA?

Dayco Belts Are USA-Made But Still No Good | LS1GTO Forums.

Is Dayco an OEM?

Dayco: OEM. Dayco is a leading designer and manufacturer of engineered systems and componentry for power transmission.

What are Dayco timing belts made of?

HT: made of a PTFE (highly abrasion-resistant) film coating, designed to minimize the wear of the tooth fabric, mainly used on latest-generation diesel engines with high injection pressures to guarantee maximum belt life on engines, withstanding temperatures up to 120°C/250°F.

Who makes Daycobelts?

Dayco Products, formerly known as Mark IV Industries, is an American parts supplier for construction, automotive, and industrial companies. The companies annual earnings are approximately US$150 million. Its main customers include Caterpillar and General Motors….Dayco.

Dayco World Headquarters
Website https://www.dayco.com

What is micro V belt?

Micro ribbed V-belts are flat belts with raised ribs that run lengthwise along one side of the belt. The ribs are thinner and closer together than the sections of standard V-belts, making them more flexible and compact. Also known as serpentine belts, they have a high tensile strength and are resistant to oil and heat.

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