What did Chewbacca say after Leia kissed Luke?

What did Chewbacca say after Leia kissed Luke?

After Leia and Luke’s lips lock in Lannister love, our wookie friend vocalizes what seems to be his approval. However in hindsight, Chewie was more than likely saying “Your species’ obsession with sibling mating is a curious one, I’ve seen your browser histories”.

Why did Chewie stay with Han?

Chewbacca swore a Wookiee life debt to Han Solo for freeing him from slavery under the Galactic Empire.

Why did Chewie not get a medal?

Around the same time, in an interview recorded just a few weeks after the first Star Wars movie hit theaters, Lucas explained, “Chewbacca wasn’t given a medal because medals don’t really mean much to Wookiees. They don’t really put too much credence in them. They have different kinds of ceremonies.

Why did Leia kiss Luke if she knew?

Following the Wampa attack during the movie’s opening scenes on Hoth; Leia, Han, and Chewie visit Luke in the infirmary. Leia is annoyed with Han, who insists she has feelings for him, so she kisses Luke to prove she doesn’t. Presumably, the scene was simply meant to make Han jealous.

Do Luke and Leia find out they are twins?

Star Wars #33 was one of those stories that happened between events of A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. That means that Luke and Leia did not know that they were brother and sister.

How did Han meet Chewie?

The novel The Hutt Gambit explains how Chewbacca and Han first meet. Han, a lieutenant in the Imperial Navy, finds him unconscious aboard a slave ship. Han’s commanding officer orders him to skin Chewbacca, but Han refuses and rescues the helpless prisoner.

What did Han Solo say to Chewbacca?

Chewie is resistant to jump in, but since they’re under heavy blaster fire, Han tells him, “Get in there, you big furry oaf! I don’t care what you smell!” The great thing about Han and Chewie’s banter is that Han’s responses give us context on what Chewie said in his barely comprehensible language.

What did Chewbacca get at the end of the movie?

In A New Hope: The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy, Chewbacca is presented with a medal at the same time as Skywalker and Solo. As a reference to the controversy, Maz Kanata gave Chewie Han Solo’s Medal of Bravery left to him by Leia at the end of The Rise of Skywalker.

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