What country is the Hala IB triangle in?

What country is the Hala IB triangle in?

Halaib Triangle

Halaib Triangle مُثَلَّث حَلَايِب
Coordinates: 22°28′09″N 35°31′23″E
Country De jure Disputed area between: Egypt Sudan De facto Administered by: Egypt
Governorate Red Sea Governorate (Egypt)
State Red Sea State (Sudan)

Who owns Hala IB?

Halayeb Triangle or Hala’ib Triangle, roughly triangular disputed territory, c. 7,950 sq mi (20,590 sq km), along the Egypt-Sudan border, on the Red Sea coast. Claimed by Egypt and Sudan, and under the de facto control of Egypt, it is named for the town of Halayeb, which is located there.

Is halayeb in Egypt or Sudan?

The Halayeb Triangle is located on the southern border of Egypt and the northern border of Sudan. It covers an area of 7,945 square miles (20,580 square kilometers) and has coastlines on the Red Sea.

Is the Hala IB triangle claimed?

A smaller area, called Bir Tawil, touches the Hala’ib Triangle at its westernmost point. Bir Tawil is not claimed by either Sudan or Egypt….Hala’ib Triangle.

Hala’ib Triangle مثلث حلايب
Country Administered by Egypt, claimed by Sudan.
• Total 20,580 km2 (7,950 sq mi)
• Disputed area 20,580 km2 (7,950 sq mi)

Is Sudan near Egypt?

The Egypt–Sudan border (Arabic: الحدود السودانية المصرية) is 1,276 km (793 mi) in length and runs from the tripoint with Libya in the west to the Red Sea in the east. The eastern section of the border is subject to a territorial dispute between the two states.

Is Hala IB triangle claimed?

When did Sudan split from Egypt?

January 1, 1956
Sudan formally attained its independence from Britain and Egypt on January 1, 1956.

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