What can I use instead of very beautiful?

What can I use instead of very beautiful?


  • alluring.
  • cute.
  • dazzling.
  • fascinating.
  • fine.
  • graceful.
  • magnificent.
  • marvelous.

What are words like very called?

Qualifiers / intensifiers are words like very, too, so, quite, rather. Qualifiers are function parts of speech. They do not add inflectional morphemes, and they do not have synonyms. Their sole purpose is to “qualify” or “intensify” an adjective or an adverb.

Can I use very in an essay?

“Very” is an intensifier without an inherent meaning. Many inexperienced writers use intensifiers like “very” or “really” to try to add power to their writing. This is a mistake. Avoid using very in a sentence because it’s a weak word that diminishes your meaning.

What is very in English?

adjective. English Language Learners Definition of very (Entry 2 of 2) —used to emphasize that you are talking about one specific thing or part and not another. : not having anything added or extra. —used to emphasize that something belongs to or is part of a particular person or thing.

What are historical essays?

The History Essay Format A history essay (sometimes referred to as a thesis essay) will describe an argument or claim about one or more historical events and will support that claim with evidence, arguments and references. The text must make it clear to the reader why the argument or claim is as such. Introduction.

What is very in a sentence?

Very can be used in the following ways: as an adverb (before adjectives and adverbs): It had been a long day and he was very tired. I always walk very quickly. as an adjective (only before a noun): They went down to the very bottom of the sea.

What can I say instead of very little?

other words for by very little

  • barely.
  • hardly.
  • scarce.
  • scarcely.
  • almost.
  • approximately.
  • lately.
  • nearly.

What is a sentence for too?

She is much too young to be watching this movie. You gave me too many cards. I have too much to do. He works much too hard.

What are examples of intensifiers?

These are examples of intensifiers:

  • I strongly disagree.
  • It’s extremely hot in Africa.
  • You play soccer very well.
  • Do you really mean it.
  • It’s fairly interesting.
  • It’s quite calm here.
  • He’s pretty intelligent.
  • These students are rather noisy.

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