What can I do with Userscripts?

What can I do with Userscripts?

The main purpose of a userscript manager is to execute scripts on webpages as they are loaded. The most common operations performed by a userscript manager include downloading, creating, installing, organizing, deleting and editing scripts, as well as modifying script permissions (e.g. website exceptions).

How do I make a Greasemonkey script?

In your Firefox window, once you’ve downloaded and installed Greasemonkey, there’ll be a little monkey face in the right-hand corner of the status bar. Right-click on that and you’ll get a menu that includes the option “New User Script”. Click that and you’ll get a dialog looking a bit like the box on the right.

What language is Greasemonkey?


Original author(s) Aaron Boodman
Written in JavaScript, XUL, CSS
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in English
Type Mozilla extension

How do you write a userscript?

From the userscript manager dashboard, click on the + button to create a new userscript.

  1. Change the name, description and the match pattern to target a specific web page. Replace // Your code here…
  2. Now navigate to your target website or refresh it if it’s already open.
  3. That’s it!

How do I add Userscripts to Chrome?

  1. Download the script.
  2. Open the URL: chrome://extensions/
  3. Drag the script onto the page. Install directly, version 2:
  4. Download the script.
  5. Click on the “Customize and control” icon and go to Tools > Extensions.
  6. Drag the script onto the page. NOTE: Chrome will warn you that the script can “access data on all websites”.

How do I use Userscripts in Safari?


  1. Go to Settings > Extensions > Userscripts.
  2. Turn Userscripts on.
  3. For optimal experience it’s recommended that you allow Userscripts for All Websites.
  4. Once the above is complete open the containing app.

How do I use Greasemonkey scripts in Chrome?

What is Violentmonkey extension?

Extension Metadata Violentmonkey provides userscripts support for browsers. It works on browsers with WebExtensions support. It supports most scripts for Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey.

Is greasy fork a virus?

Overall result – greasyfork.org is safe.

How do I use userscripts in Chrome?

How do I use userscripts in Safari?

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