What are the zip codes for Pinellas County?

What are the zip codes for Pinellas County?

ZIP Codes in Pinellas County FL

  • 34698.
  • 33710.
  • 33756.
  • 33702.
  • 33713.
  • 33771.
  • 34684.
  • 34683.

How many area codes are in Pinellas County?

727 area code
The 727 area code splits Pinellas and part of Pasco County from 813 on July 1, 1998. The 786 area code, Florida’s first overlay area code, starts 7/1 in 305 area code.

What is my Florida zip code?

Zip Codes in Florida 2022

Zip Code City County
32818 Orlando Orange County
33065 Pompano Beach Broward County
33177 Miami Miami-Dade County
32068 Middleburg Clay County

What county is St Petersburg Florida?

Pinellas CountySt. Petersburg / CountyPinellas County is located on the west central coast of the state of Florida. As of the 2020 census, the population was 959,107. The county is part of the Tampa–St. Petersburg–Clearwater, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area. Clearwater is the county seat. Wikipedia

What zip codes are in Sarasota County?

ZIP Codes in Sarasota County FL

  • 34293.
  • 34232.
  • 34266.
  • 34243.
  • 34231.
  • 34287.
  • 34233.
  • 34234.

What zip codes are in Pasco County Florida?

ZIP Codes in Pasco County FL

  • 34668.
  • 34655.
  • 34653.
  • 34667.
  • 34639.
  • 33543.
  • 33556.
  • 34638.

Where is the 727 area code in Florida?

The 727 area code covers most of Pinellas County and part of Pasco County.

What is Davenport Florida zip code?

Davenport/Zip codes

What is Crestview Florida zip code?

Crestview/Zip codes

Who is in charge of Pinellas County?

County Administrator Barry A. Burton serves as the chief administrative officer for Pinellas County government. Burton is responsible for leading more than 1,900 dedicated employees who strive to provide the most efficient and fiscally-responsible services to county residents and visitors.

What is Pinellas County famous for?

Three of the top ten beaches in the nation are located in Pinellas County (Fort De Soto Park which has won many awards, Clearwater Beach and Caladesi Island State Park). Pinellas County’s top key business sectors are health services, tourism services, manufacturing and financial services.

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