What are the types of school paper?

What are the types of school paper?

Types of Articles for School Newspapers

  • News Articles. These articles are all about the news.
  • Editorial (Opinion Piece, Commentary)
  • Feature Story.
  • Columns.
  • Review Article.
  • Promotional Article.
  • How-To Articles.

What are some ideas for a school newspaper?

Write articles about the daily happenings around the school. Write about sporting events, activities, accomplishments, changes in policy, rules, teacher changes, and more….Student Life

  • Your sports teams.
  • Your clubs.
  • Your teachers.
  • Your administrators.
  • School changes.
  • The cafeteria food.
  • Extra-circular activities.
  • Field trips.

What can I name my newspaper?

Copy all these newspaper names to your own files:

  • The [TOPIC] Tribune.
  • The [TOPIC] Chronicle.
  • The [TOPIC] Star.
  • The [TOPIC] Herald[TOPIC] Today.
  • The [TOPIC] News.
  • [TOPIC] Daily News.
  • [TOPIC] Post.
  • The [TOPIC] Post.

What kind of paper is for high school?

Middle school, high school, and college students use medium or “college” ruled paper, with 9/32 inch spacing between lines. This is the type of paper has lines closer together to allow more writing on a single page.

How do I write a school newspaper?

Writing Articles for the School Newspaper

  1. The first paragraph.
  2. Who, what, where, when, and, maybe, why, and how.
  3. Make the story interesting.
  4. Use clean, crisp English. News writing should be short and to the point. News stories deliver the facts quickly.
  5. Add pictures.
  6. Be accurate.
  7. Be fair.
  8. Spell Check.

What are the most widely read newspapers in the Philippines?

The Philippine Daily Inquirer is the country’s most widely read daily newspaper. With over 2.7 million nationwide readers daily, enjoying a market share of over 50% and tops the readership surveys.

What are the different types of newspapers in the Philippines?

This is the list of newspapers currently being published in the Philippines. This list includes broadsheets and tabloids published daily and distributed nationwide. Regional newspapers or those published in the regions are also included.

What is the school year in the Philippines?

The school year for both public and private schools in the Philippines runs from June to March or April. A typical school week is Monday to Friday, with long school hours. Most local Filipino children attend public schools, which are funded by the government and free to attend.

What are the best school and college newspaper names?

Here are the best school and college newspaper names: Mirrorless; Soar truth; Best posts; Huckle & Elm; Arlo & Dusk; Modern Fount; Explorer Record; The Dayspring Times; Morrow Weekly; Weekly Capital; The Saturday Reporter; The Ruby Bulletin; City Scoop; Disculture; New View Moniter; The Ultimate; The Sunrise Tabloid; Local Newspaper Names

How can I Help my Child Study in the Philippines?

Many schools also offer a home study programme in the Philippines, which can help shape a child’s learning and provide extra guidance. Whether children attend a regular private school or are homeschooled, extra support from a tutor can be beneficial.

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