What are the requirements for NEXUS?

What are the requirements for NEXUS?

In order to be eligible for a NEXUS Card you: must be a citizen of Canada or the United States of America and must be resident in either country, OR. must be a Permanent Resident of either country who has lived in their country of permanent residence for at least 3 years.

Can you get into Mexico with NEXUS?

NEXUS cards are valid for RFID Ready Lanes at land crossings into the United States from Canada and Mexico.

Can NEXUS be used instead of passport?

NEXUS members can use Global Entry kiosks when entering the United States and also have TSA PreCheck eligibility. In addition, the NEXUS card can be used in place of a passport when traveling between the U.S. and Canada.

Does everyone in the car need a NEXUS card?

Travelling with non-NEXUS members: If you are travelling into Canada or the United States (U.S.) with non-NEXUS members, you must use the regular lanes. The driver is responsible for ensuring that all travellers in the vehicle are NEXUS members.

Who is not eligible for NEXUS?

You may be inadmissible under Section 212(a)(3)(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act if you have: been involved in a current or past terrorist group. contributed finances to a current or past terrorist group. relatives whom are or have been involved in a current or past terrorist group.

Can dual citizens get NEXUS?

Please note: Only one citizenship is listed on a NEXUS card.

Can you fly from Canada to US with NEXUS only?

If you are travelling to the U.S. as a NEXUS member from a Canadian airport with a U.S. preclearance area, you may use your NEXUS card or your passport at the Global Entry kiosks: Proceed to the Global Entry kiosk located in the U.S. preclearance area. Follow the prompts on the screen and complete the entry process.

Does NEXUS qualify for TSA PreCheck?

U.S. citizens and U.S. lawful permanent residents enrolled in NEXUS and SENTRI are also eligible for TSA PreCheck. Canadian citizens who are members of NEXUS are also eligible to participate in TSA PreCheck.

Can you cross the US border with just a NEXUS Card?

Yes. If you are a Canadian or U.S. citizen, and a NEXUS member, you may use your membership card as proof of identification and citizenship when entering Canada by land, air (when coming from the U.S.) or boat when using non-NEXUS lanes.

Can you fly from Canada to us with NEXUS only?

Can you cross border with just NEXUS?

Can you fly from Canada to U.S. with NEXUS only?

Where are the Nexus land border crossings?

NEXUS Land Border Crossings. Nexus lanes are located at the following land border crossings: Alexandria Bay, New York. Blaine, Washington (Pacific Highway) Blaine, Washington (Peace Arch) Buffalo, New York (Peace Bridge) Calais, Maine.

Do I need a Canada NEXUS card to cross the border?

If you are traveling across the US Canada border by car, RV, minivan, minibus or motorcycle, you must make sure that any passengers riding with you have valid Canada NEXUS cards – this includes any children in your group.

What are the requirements to get an NEXUS card?

NEXUS Eligibility. Have been convicted of any criminal offense or have pending criminal charges or outstanding warrants (to include driving under the influence); Have been found in violation of any customs, immigration or agriculture regulations or laws in any country; Are the subject of an ongoing investigation by any federal,…

What are the age requirements for the Nexus program?

Children under the age of 18 must also apply and, if eligible, are admitted to the program free of charge. Once approved, membership is valid for five years. For more information regarding the program requirements, please visit the NEXUS Program page.

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