What are the main hospitals in Cambridge?

What are the main hospitals in Cambridge?

Addenbrooke’s Hospital is an internationally renowned teaching hospital and research centre in Cambridge, England, with strong affiliations to the University of Cambridge….

Addenbrooke’s Hospital
Shown in Cambridgeshire
Location Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Cambridge, England
Coordinates 52.176°N 0.140°E

Does Cambridge University have a hospital?

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – known as CUH – runs Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the Rosie Hospital. Both are recognised as centres of medical excellence and innovation, and the independent Dr Foster Hospital Guide ranks us as the safest hospital in the region and the second-safest in the country.

What does Cambridge Hospital Specialise in?

Through Addenbrooke’s, the Trust provides emergency, surgical and medical services for people living in the Cambridge area as well as being a centre of excellence for regional specialist services for organ transplantation, cancer, neurosciences, paediatrics and genetics.

Is Cambridge University Hospital in London?

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is a British public sector healthcare provider located in Cambridge, England.

What does Addenbrooke’s Specialise in?

Addenbrooke’s provides emergency, surgical and medical care for local people and is also a regional centre of excellence for specialist services such as organ transplantation, neurosciences, paediatrics and genetics.

What is Addenbrooke’s famous for?

What does Addenbrooke’s Hospital specializes in?

How many beds does Addenbrookes?

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest in the UK with around 1400 beds.

Which hospital does the queen use?

King Edward VII’s Hospital
King Edward VII’s Hospital (formal name: King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes) is a private hospital located on Beaumont Street in the Marylebone district of central London….

King Edward VII’s Hospital
Patron Queen Elizabeth II
Emergency department No
Beds 56

What is the UK’s biggest hospital?

Hospitals with the most beds

UK hospital Hospital beds
1. Manchester Royal Infirmary 1,721
2. Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow 1,560
3. Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham 1,300
4. St George’s Hospital, London 1,300

What do Addenbrooke’s Hospital Specialise in?

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