What are the IFR currency requirements?

What are the IFR currency requirements?

Instrument Currency Requirements To maintain currency in airplanes, a pilot must have performed and logged the following tasks within the preceding 6 calendar months: Six instrument approaches. Holding procedures and tasks. Intercepting and tracking courses through the use of navigational electronic systems.

How long is IFR currency good for?

The IFR experience you log in an ATD is valid for six months, the same as when you fly an aircraft. The new currency rules do not change the tasks you must accomplish to maintain IFR currency (six approaches, holding procedures, and course intercepting and tracking) within the preceding six calendar months.

Can instrument currency be done in a simulator?

A person may complete the instrument experience in any combination of an aircraft, full flight simulator, flight training device, or aviation training device.

Can you do an IPC in a simulator?

What about an IPC check? Yes! You can do all six of your instrument approaches including holds in the simulator, however there must be a qualified Instrument Instructor present! You can do the entire IPC check in the simulator with the exception of the circling approach to a landing.

Do you need a safety pilot for instrument currency?

John: “Let’s first define what a safety pilot is and when one is needed. Instrument pilots must maintain a certain currency to act as pilot in command under IFR. One of the requirements is to conduct six instrument approaches in six months.

When can you log an approach for currency?

According to the FAA, a pilot may log an IAP for currency or training when the pilot accomplishes the IAP in accordance with several conditions. The pilot must operate the aircraft solely by reference to instruments, in actual or simulated instrument meteorological conditions (IMC).

What is the FAA Wings Program?

The WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program helps pilots build an educational curriculum suitable for their unique flight requirements. It is based on the premise that pilots who maintain currency and proficiency in the basics of flight will enjoy a safer and more stress-free flying experience.

Can a CFI give an IPC?

A CFII who is not instrument current can conduct an IPC, though they may not feel personally comfortable doing so. There are some conditions that must be met though. Those include the limitations listed in FAR 61.57, which are limitations on every pilot who isn’t instrument current.

Can you use ATD for IPC?

Answer: Yes, those limitations still apply. The FAA letter of authorization (LOA) provided for each model ATD, references part 61.57(d) and the ACS/PTS requirements when accomplishing an IPC in an AATD.

Who can give an IPC?

(2) The instrument proficiency check must be given by an authorized check airman or by the Administrator.

Can you file IFR if you’re not current?

Since there’s an “or” in there (Under IFR OR weather…), you can only file IFR if you’re current, weather conditions not withstanding.

Does a Cfii Checkride count as an IPC?

There is no provision in the regs to allow a checkride for anything to count for an IPC. Your best bet is to get your instructor to sign you off for an IPC, but, since no instruction is required for an IPC, the examiner would probably be willing to do so (unlike a flight review.)

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