What are the different powerlifting federations?

What are the different powerlifting federations?


  • World RAW Powerlifting Federation (WRPF)
  • 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation.
  • Global Powerlifting Committee (GPC)
  • Global Powerlifting Federation (GPF)
  • International Powerlifting Federation (IPF)
  • International Powerlifting League (IPL)
  • Xtreme Powerlifting Coalition (XPC)

Where is IPF Worlds 2022?

THE IPF WILL BE AT THE UK ARNOLD 2022!! In partnership with the Arnold Sports Festival UK and Rogue Fitness, we are excited to announce that we will be back in Birmingham with a massive show this year.

Is Usapl under IPF?

Today USA Powerlifting is no longer a member of the International Powerlifting Federation [IPF]. The IPF President Gaston Parage called for an ‘Extraordinary’ Congress session in Stavanger, Norway to remove USA Powerlifting. The decision comes from a 2/3rds vote of the member nations that were present at the IPF.

How do I join the International Powerlifting Federation?

Qualifying For IPF World’s If You’re A USA Powerlifter

  1. Obtain USAPL Membership.
  2. Compete in a USAPL Sanctioned Meet.
  3. Achieve National Qualifying Total.
  4. Compete At USAPL National Championships.
  5. Meet The National Team Specific Criteria.
  6. Pass Drug Test.
  7. Become Nominated for National Team.
  8. Pay The National Team Fee.

What is the biggest powerlifting meet?

Things you need to know about the 2021 World Open Classic Powerlifting Championships. Over 600 athletes are competing in the biggest powerlifting event of the year in Halmstad, Sweden.

Does USPA use a Monolift?

With the USPA, the mono lift is permitted in competition but the lifter still has to walk the bar out.

Are powerlifters stronger than bodybuilders?

Bodybuilding and powerlifting are both incredibly difficult sports that require lots of time, focus, and dedication. However, they are fundamentally different in their goals, and as a result, powerlifters will typically be stronger than bodybuilders when matched for size and experience.

Why is powerlifting not an Olympic sport?

Powerlifting is not in the olympics because the sport has yet to reach the criteria set by the International Olympic Committee, it requires more international participation, and it has many federations and disciplines that need to be standardized.

Why is USA banned from IPF?

We are essentially being suspended for too much drug testing and not for doping violations. A 12-month suspension for all USA Powerlifting members from IPF competitions is effective immediately.

Why was USAPL removed from IPF?

The removal of USAPL came early into their year-long suspension from the IPF, which was issued in August 2021. USAPL’s suspension was a result of a judgment from the IPF Doping Hearing Panel (DHP), on grounds of non-compliance with WADA’s (World Anti-Doping Agency) drug testing protocols.

Which powerlifting federation is best?

The International Powerlifting Federation was founded in 1972, and it’s the world’s largest, most cohesive powerlifting federation. The IPF has thousands of members, and has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) via their inclusion in the World Games.

Is the IPF worlds Raw?

They are raw (also known as ‘un-equipped’), and equipped powerlifting. At the IPF Worlds, competitors practise equipped powerlifting, meaning they can wear squat/deadlift suits and knee wraps to facilitate their lifting.

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