What are the best seats in Wells Fargo?

What are the best seats in Wells Fargo?

The best seats at Wells Fargo are definitely the club and box seats. This includes sections such as the Club Boxes (CB), Cadillac Club, and the Suites 1 thru 82. The views are always good and the catering is great. They also have high-def screens throughout most of these premium seats.

How many seats are in a row at Wells Fargo Center?

There are usually 14-18 seats per row with seat 1 on the left aisle as you look towards the stage. For the most popular concerts, sections 106-108 are extended onto the floor to create sections 106A-108A.

How many rows are in section 103 at Wells Fargo Center?

five rows
Section 103 Reviews These seats are just behind floor seats – about five rows from the court. Fans seated near the top of these sections near Row Y will be at an ideal elevation for seeing both sides of the court easily.

What are the best seats for Disney On Ice at Wells Fargo Center?

Now the easy answer would be to sit in the front row in one of the central sections at Disney on Ice, but front row seats come at premium prices. No doubt that a front-row seat is the best Disney On Ice seat, and will give both you and your kids an experience you won’t soon forget.

What are the aisle seats at Wells Fargo Center?

Seat Numbers at Wells Fargo Center Everyone always wants to know where their seats are within a section. The Lower seat numbers are on the aisle towards the adjacent section with the lower section number. For example, seat #1 in section 102 is next to section 101 and Seat #11 in section 102 is next to section 103.

Which side do Flyers shoot twice?

The Flyers shoot twice towards the net in front of Sections 204A and 205A. Along with nearby sections, these seats will give you the best views of the Flyers as they attack in the first and third periods.

Where do Flyers shoot twice?

Lower Level Corner (Hockey) Seating Corner sections at the south end of the arena are best for the home team fans as the Flyers shoot twice at the near net. Sections in this location have between 23 and 26 numbered rows of seating, with the larger sections located closer to the goals.

Would a two year old like Disney On Ice?

Disney on Ice is a magical show for kids and adults of all ages to enjoy. Both of my daughters (at almost 2 and 4) both enjoyed the show and seeing their favorite characters.

What end do Flyers shoot twice?

What section is behind the Flyers bench?

Fans can sit right behind the Flyers bench in section 124, or behind the visiting team bench in Section 102. Meanwhile, the penalty box is located on the east side of the arena, just in front of Section 113. Sections in this location have up to 23 numbered rows of seating, with the entry tunnel located at Row 18.

What section do the Sixers come out of?

The tunnel the Philadelphia 76ers players run out of is adjacent to section 102. For Philadelphia 76ers home games, there are two sections of foldout chairs added behind the baskets; sections 106, 108, 118 and 120. These sections are called “riser sections” and will consist of rows B through K.

What side is the Sixers bench?

southwest side
What side is the Sixers bench on? The Sixers bench is located on the southwest side of the court – closest to sections 102 and 103. To sit directly behind the player benches, consider floor section West, which spans the entire west sideline.

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