What are the applications of HPLC?

What are the applications of HPLC?

Applications of HPLC

  • Water purification.
  • Detection of impurities in pharmaceutical industries.
  • Pre-concentration of trace components.
  • Ligand-exchange chromatography.
  • Ion-exchange chromatography of proteins.
  • High-pH anion-exchange chromatography of carbohydrates and oligosaccharides.

What is the principle of HPLC PDF?

The separation principle of HPLC is based on the distribution of the analyte (sample) between a mobile phase (eluent) and a stationary phase (packing material of the column). Depending on the chemical structure of the analyte, the molecules are retarded while passing the stationary phase.

What are the applications of HPLC in pharmacy?

HPLC is the form of liquid chromatography that is generally used in the pharmaceutical industry, as it can provide the precise results that are required. The results can be used to analyse finished drug products and their ingredients quantitatively and qualitatively during the manufacturing process.

Where is HPLC commonly used?

Because of this versatility, HPLC is used in a variety of industrial and scientific applications, such as pharmaceutical, environmental, forensics, and chemicals. Sample retention time will vary depending on the interaction between the stationary phase, the molecules being analyzed, and the solvent, or solvents used.

What are the different types of HPLC column and their applications?

Different types of HPLC columns are used in analysis of different pharmaceutical compounds according to their nature and column separation capacity….Different Types of HPLC Columns Used in Analysis

  • Normal Phase HPLC Columns:
  • Reverse Phase HPLC Columns:
  • Ion Exchange HPLC Columns:
  • Size Exclusion HPLC Columns:

What are the various applications of chromatography?

5 Everyday uses for Chromatography

  • Creating vaccinations. Chromatography is useful in determining which antibodies fight various diseases and viruses.
  • Food testing.
  • Beverage testing.
  • Drug testing.
  • Forensic testing.

What are the advantages of HPLC?

Advantages of HPLC over Thin-layer Chromatography (TLC)

  • Resolution. In TLC separations it becomes difficult to differentiate between overlapping bands and spots.
  • Speed of analysis.
  • Quantification of results.
  • Sensitivity.
  • Software.
  • Choice of stationary phase and columns.
  • Storage of results.
  • Hyphenated techniques.

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