What are the 7 slide positions?

What are the 7 slide positions?

Trombones work by using the slide to change the length of the tubing, which controls the pitch of the sound. The slide has seven positions, counted in order from the 1st position (toward you) to the 7th position (fully extended).

What are the slide position for a trombone chromatic scale?

The trombone has 7 positions: First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh or 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. When learning your trombone positions, rather than think of them as 7 separate positions, it is helpful to think of them in groupings.

What position is C on the trombone?

5th Position
The positions on the trombone are as follows: 2nd Position: (E) Out about an inch and a half. 3rd Position: (Eb) Fingers by the bell. 4th Position: (D) Wrist by the bell. 5th Position: (C#) Wrist just past the bell by about 2 inches.

What is a trigger trombone?

Trombone Triggers The trombone is in the key of B-flat. Typically the bass trombones and many large bore tenor trombones will have a trigger to put the instrument into the key of F (lower the key by a perfect fourth).

Where is 5th position on trombone?

Trombone slide positions:

  1. 1st position- all the way in.
  2. 2nd position-between 2.5″ & 3″ out.
  3. 3rd position-brace just before the bell.
  4. 4th position-end of slide just past the bell.
  5. 5th position-mid way between the bell and stocking.
  6. 6th position-just before the stockings.
  7. 7th position-past the stockings just before it falls off.

What position is trombone B-flat?

This is called the overtone series. First position on a (standard B-flat tenor) trombone is when the slide is all the way in. The fundamental is a B-flat, and then all the other notes in the overtone series can be produced. A valve instrument changes the length of tubing by pressing a set of valves down.

What position is trombone B flat?

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