What are other words for quicker?

What are other words for quicker?


  • agile.
  • brisk.
  • cursory.
  • energetic.
  • hasty.
  • immediate.
  • rapid.
  • instantaneous.

What is another word for go faster?

What is another word for go faster?

accelerate hurry
quicken hasten
rush increase speed
speed up gather speed
pick up speed pick up the pace

What do you mean by quicker?

1 : acting or capable of acting with speed: such as. a(1) : fast in development or occurrence a quick succession of events. (2) : done or taking place with rapidity gave them a quick look. b(1) : fast in understanding, thinking, or learning : mentally agile a quick wit quick thinking.

Is Quicker a real word?

“Quicker” and “more quickly” are both acceptable comparative forms of the adverb “quickly.” However, as some of your grammar-savvy readers might think “quicker” is an error or too informal, you should opt for “more quickly” (unless your writing would really benefit from the flow of text offered by “quicker”).

How do you say to make something faster?

speed (up)

  1. accelerate,
  2. bundle,
  3. fast-track,
  4. hasten,
  5. hurry,
  6. quicken,
  7. rush,
  8. whisk.

How do you say make it faster?

expedite Add to list Share. To expedite something is to make it go faster or speed up the process.

Is there such a word as quicker?

What’s the difference between quicker and faster?

Quicker means in a smaller amount of time. Faster means at a higher rate of speed.

Is quicker proper grammar?

Do words or accomplish faster?

verb (used with object), ex·pe·dit·ed, ex·pe·dit·ing. to speed up the progress of; hasten: to expedite shipments. to accomplish promptly, as a piece of business; dispatch: to expedite one’s duties.

What is the verb form of quickly?

(transitive) To make quicker; to hasten, speed up.

Is it correct to say faster?

Senior Member. Although “faster” is the superlative of “fast”, the problem here is that technically, neither is correct. It should be “more quickly”, since fast is an adjective and quickly is an adverb. However, “faster” is accepted speech, as people now use adjectives as adverbs in cases like these.

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