What are latkes (Jewish potato pancakes)?

What are latkes (Jewish potato pancakes)?

There are more ways to make latkes (Jewish potato pancakes) than there are ways to spell ( or pronounce) “Hanukkah.” They basically take hash browns to the next level. I’m about to show you the best, quickest and tastiest way to enjoy these crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside treats.

What is a potato pancake called?

Potato pancakes is a classic Jewish recipe, and the Jewish potato pancakes are called “latkes”. Latkes are traditionally made for the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah – the Festival of Lights – that happens in December.

What are potato latkes (latkes)?

In celebration of Hanukkah, I want to share my favorite way to make Jewish potato pancakes, also known as latkes. This potato latkes recipe is so easy to follow! The latkes have a crispy exterior and a light, tender inside. So delicious! Whether potato latkes are a traditional food in your house or not, it can quickly become one.

Are latkes Jewish or European?

Even though potato pancakes have a long history among Jews worldwide and are widely referred to as latkes, it is the European Jews that began their tradition of slices. what nationality makes latkes?

What is latke in Yiddish?

Latke (pronounced LOT-keh, LOT-kah or LOT-kee) is Yiddish for “pancake.” On Chanukah, it is traditional to serve latkes (most often potato) fried in oil to celebrate the Chanukah miracle, which involved the oil of the Temple menorah lasting for eight days instead of just one…

Are latkes only for Jews?

Jewish latkes originated with the peoples of northeastern Europe. They are a favorite treat year round, but are especially popular during Hanukkah when foods fried in oil are traditional. Potato pancakes are not for Jews only. The Germans call them Kartoffelpuffer, or Reibekuchen. In Russia they are known as draniki; in Polish placki.

Do you have to be Jewish to eat latkes on Hanukah?

By the way, you don’t have to be Jewish or actually celebrating the eight days of Hanukah to think about latkes. There is no reason that a little crispy potato pancake wouldn’t make a wonderful appetizer, a great side dish, a just a big old treat all year long.

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