Was Van der Sar a sweeper keeper?

Was Van der Sar a sweeper keeper?

It was the Ajax mentality that set Van der Sar apart – the ingraining of the importance of ball possession from the early stages of his development set him on his way to becoming a sweeper keeper.

How good was edwin van der Sar?

Van der Sar is considered by critics and fellow players as one of the best goalkeepers of all time. He is also one of the most successful footballers ever, having won 26 major trophies in his career, mainly at Ajax and Manchester United.

Who missed Chelsea penalty in Champions League final?

Arjen Robben
Bayern took the lead late in the second half through Thomas Müller, but Didier Drogba equalised for Chelsea five minutes later to take the game to extra time, in which Arjen Robben missed an awarded penalty, Petr Čech saving the low drive….Statistics.

Statistic Bayern Munich Chelsea
Red cards 0 0

What age is Petr Cech?

39 years (May 20, 1982)Petr Čech / Age

How many clean sheets did van der Sar have?

Premier League Record

Appearances 313
Clean sheets 132
Goals 0
Assists 1

Is Van der Sar better than Schmeichel?

In both cases, Van der Sar comes out on top with the superior numbers. This is further demonstrated by the fact that to this day, Edwin Van der Sar holds the record for the goalkeeper with the longest amount of time played without conceding. 1311 minutes, or 14 games, in the 2008/09 season of the Premier League.

How many FA Cups has Petr Cech won?

It was a career to remember for Cech. Four Premier League titles, a Champions League win, a Europa League triumph, as well as five FA Cups and three League Cups, Cech’s career was an illustrious one.

Why did John Terry take the penalty?

Well, well, well who’d have thought it. The 2008 Champions League final was not the dour, boring game I predicted, but rather the opposite. In a game of two halves, pardon the cliche, it was one talismanic figure that had the biggest impact.

Who took the penalties in 2008 Champions League final?

During the 2008 Champions League final between Manchester United and Chelsea, Brazilian midfielder Anderson was substituted on in the 125th-minute – the fifth minute of injury-time in extra-time. He didn’t touch the ball in the few seconds he was on the pitch and was tasked with taking a penalty in the shootout.

How many clean sheets does Petr Cech have?

202 Clean Sheets
Petr Čech – 202 Clean Sheets.

What country is Petr Cech from?

Petr Čech/Nationality

A Czech international, Čech made his debut with the Czech Republic in 2002, and is the most capped player in the history of the Czech national team, with 124 caps. He represented his country at the 2006 World Cup, as well as the 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016 European Championships.

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