Should I put my race on a college application?

Should I put my race on a college application?

The demographic section is optional but the response rate is 90%, said a spokesman for the Common Application. Students aren’t asked which race or ethnicity they belong to, but rather how you identify yourself.

How is affirmative action used in college admissions?

Affirmative action currently tends to emphasize not specific quotas but rather “targeted goals” to address past discrimination in a particular institution or in broader society through “good-faith efforts to identify, select, and train potentially qualified minorities and women.” For example, many higher education …

What percentage of recruiters report not hiring someone because of their social media profile?

Reasons employers check social mediaInformation that supports their qualifications for the job58 percentIf the candidate has a professional online persona50 percentWhat other people are posting about the candidate34 percentA reason not to hire the candidate22 percent

How social media can hurt your job search?

Without the right social media presence, you’re going to have difficulty landing job interviews. A recent survey from CareerBuilder reports that screening candidates based on social media is at an all-time high: 70 percent, up from 11 percent in 2006.

Should employers check employees social media?

Yes: Keeping an Eye on Employees Helps Companies Protect Themselves. Management has a right and responsibility to monitor how employees are using social media at all times. If companies don’t pay attention, they may end up facing any number of serious problems.

What percentage of recruiters found content online about a candidate that made them more likely to hire them?

More than 4 in 10 employers (44 percent) have found content on a social networking site that caused them to hire the candidate.

What percentage of job recruiters say they have rejected possible candidates based on something they found about them online?

One in five employers have rejected a prospective job candidate because of something they have seen in their online activity, claims new research from the YouGov Omnibus; but organisations need to ensure they are keeping within the law.

What HR looks for in a candidate?

The foremost quality HR managers look for in a candidate is his/her ability to endure an unpleasant situation. Since turnovers can be expensive for the company, HR prefers to hire a person who has high commitment levels and can stick long. This is the most important characterstic to identify in a candidate.

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