Is ZenMarket secure?

Is ZenMarket secure?

On Trustpilot, the most legitimate and trusted third-party review site on the internet, we maintain a perfect 5-star rating, you can view our customers’ testimonials here. We are also proud to reveal that 99% of our respondents indicated they were comfortable shopping with us and would use ZenMarket again!

How long does ZenMarket take to ship?

ZenMarket will buy your items from the shop you selected. Usually, it takes 2-3 days for an item to arrive at our warehouse. Please note that the delivery may take longer when you order an item out of stock. Also, the date shown on your account page is an estimated arrival date.

How does from Japan work?

FROM JAPAN is a Japanese auction and shopping proxy service. We bid on and order items from Japanese auction and shopping sites on your behalf, and deliver them to you!

What is Buyee Japan?

Buyee, the largest proxy shopping service in Japan, places orders/bids on behalf of users who want to purchase/bid on Japanese shopping sites. To break language barriers, Buyee offers multilingual support. Customer Support is available in English, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Korean, German, Spanish and Russian.

Can I withdraw from ZenMarket?

You can use your deposit for all payments within ZenMarket: paying for goods, bidding on auctions, or paying for international shipping. You can withdraw your money from your ZenMarket account anytime if you don’t need it there.

Is ZenMarket reliable Reddit?

So I bought some amiibos off of zenmarket, some of the more uncommon ones and can confirm I received them. In total I payed about $74.22 to get some of the more rare amiibos.

Where is the ZenMarket warehouse?

Osaka prefecture
We have three warehouses in Osaka prefecture. Once we receive your orders, they will be shipped to either one of these warehouses where we will store them until you are ready to create your parcel. Then, we consolidate your packages (initial consolidation is free!) and ship them right to your doorstep.

Are bags FROM JAPAN authentic?

Are they genuine? There is always a chance but in Japan, rules regarding fake brand goods are very strict. Big stores such as Donki selling fake bags would be a huge scandal. Japanese people can’t even bring back a fake bag from overseas as a souvenir, FYI. So I’d say a chance of your bag being fake is next to none.

What are FJ points?

What are FJ Points and how can I use them? A. 1 FJ Point is equivalent to 1 Japanese Yen, and can be used on our site as a form of payment. Points may be added to your account due to campaigns or friend introductions.

Can I cancel a bid on Buyee?

Cancellations after placing a bid on an item are not permitted. Cancellation and return cannot be applied for the following cases even if there are discrepancies. Our inspection does not cover checking the authenticity of goods, and Buyee does not take any liability for inspecting for fake or imitation goods.

How do I withdraw money from ZenMarket?

To withdraw funds please go to the payment tab on “My Account” and push the “Withdraw” button. Withdrawals are made manually, so it may take a couple of days to process. Please note: You can only withdraw funds to the same account you used to add funds to your balance.

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