Is Vokey s grind good for bunkers?

Is Vokey s grind good for bunkers?

Vokey offers three unique sand wedge grinds (M, S, F) to fit every type of player and course condition. The best bounce for sand wedges is typically 8°-14°, to accommodate for bunker shots and softer ground conditions. High bounce sand wedges are also ideal for players with a digger swing type.

Is Vokey M grind good for sand?

Vokey offers many wedge grind options for different situations. For instance, the L grind is ideal for firm conditions and sweeper swing styles, the M grind offers the most playability, and for some players, the best Vokey grind for sand is the K grind, with the highest bounce.

What does S grind mean on Titleist wedges?

The S Grind Vokey SM7 is the popular middle-of-the-road option in the current Titleist wedge lineup. The S Grind is geared towards golfers that will strike wedge shots with a square club face. It’s built for those who aren’t manipulating the face or angle of attack too much.

What Vokey grind do pros use?

The K Grind is great for a mid to high handicap golfer but plenty of pros play the K grind like Justin Thomas, Adam Scott and Webb Simpson to name a few. Available with 58 or 60 degrees of loft with 14 degrees of bounce.

What is the best club for bunkers?

Best Sand Wedges for Bunkers 2022

  • Cleveland Smart Sole 4 (best sand wedge for bunkers and around the greens)
  • Callaway SureOut 2 (best sand wedge for fluffy and normal bunkers)
  • Callaway Mack Daddy CB (best sand wedge for most golfers)
  • C3i Wedge (black color alternative to the Smart Sole)

What grind is best for flop shots?

low-bounce grind
As Pon explained, most golfers prefer a low-bounce grind when they hit a flop shot so that the leading edge can slide underneath the ball.

What is the difference between F grind and S grind?

S grind is designed for players who prefer playing shots with a square face position. Suited to swing type: Neutral, Steep/Digger. Suited to: Medium – Soft turf/conditions. A full sole, with moderate amounts of sole camber and radius makes the F very versatile.

What is the difference between S grind and W grind?

The S Grind has a medium width sole with slight camber at the back and moderate heel relief to keep the leading edge low through impact. The W Grind should offer the most forgiveness through its wider sole and extra bounce. There’s gene rough front to back camber to prevent digging.

What grind does Justin Thomas use?

Typically, he plays with a 60-degree K grind wedge with 6 degrees of bounce, but starting at the 2018 Presidents Cup in Australia, he began using a 60-degree T grind wedge on firm golf courses.

What grind do Tour players use?

10 bounce pitching wedges are the most used by the top 100 PGA Tour players while 10 and 12 bounce are common when it comes to gap wedges. More variety of bounces are found in the sand and lob wedges chosen but 10 bounce sand wedges are again the most used. The preferred bounce is 8 for lob wedges.

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