Is TomTom live any good?

Is TomTom live any good?

The TomTom Go Live 1000 is probably the best sat-nav on the market. It’s fast, accurate and will do a better job than most other sat-navs of keeping your maps up-to-date.

Is a Tom Tom as good as a Garmin?

They found that TomTom achieved the highest score when looking at the accuracy of traffic jam reporting – 67% for TomTom as opposed to 22% for Garmin.

How good is TomTom go?

Verdict. This is the best GPS navigation app on Android. Even if the pricing is a bit baffling, we recommend it if you’re an Android-toting fan of apps over standalone sat navs.

Where does TomTom get traffic data?

visualizing traffic information TomTom collects and seamlessly aggregates a wealth of traffic information. This information covers 79 countries and is collected from over 600 million devices, with data sources including anonymized data from GPS devices, mobile phone signals, and sensors.

Which is easier to use TomTom or Garmin?

Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-D It’s more responsive than the TomTom and the address inputs were the easiest on test. The Garmin picked ideal routes, but didn’t provide as many traffic-jam alerts as the TomTom, and its time of arrival wasn’t quite as accurate, either.

What is the best sat nav to buy UK?

The best satnavs to buy in 2022

  1. Garmin DriveSmart 66: The best Satnav for value.
  2. Garmin Drive 52: The best budget satnav.
  3. TomTom Go Classic 6in: The best cheap TomTom satnav.
  4. TomTom Go Essential 5in: The best mid-range TomTom.
  5. Garmin DriveSmart 76: The best all-rounder.
  6. TomTom Go Discover: The best TomTom satnav.

Which sat nav is best for Europe?

What is the difference between TomTom Go 520 and 5200?

The TomTom 520 might be the answer. It packs all of the features its big brother the 5200 has, including hands-free calling and reading your text messages aloud, but it doesn’t have the built-in SIM for traffic which gives the more expensive device its higher price tag.

Do you have to pay for TomTom GO?

TomTom GO. It costs £19.99 a year to sign up with TomTom GO, which will be enough to put many people off since we’ve all come to expect these apps for free. It does, however, offer a great navigation experience.

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